Fitzroy North by Simone Haag

  • A shortlisted project for the AIDA 2019 Residential Decoration category, there are no surprises that North Fitzroy by Simone Haag is a layered masterpiece laden with mood, depth and texture to boot.

    Built in 1888, this three-bedroom Victorian Fitzroy terrace has been given a respectful, head-to-toe makeover. While local architect Andrew Simpson took on the rear modern extension, Simone Haag was asked to reinvigorate the existing home’s heritage interior. The original period elements and formality of the spaces are now showcased via a palette that has set the tone while revealing plenty of depth. Simone has revealed her signature hand at curating interesting objects, iconic furniture pieces, eclectic art and bespoke furnishings throughout this new meets old home.

    TV Chairs by Pierre Paulin for Ligne Roset sit comfortably around Marc Krusin’s Clay table by for Desalto while a pendant light by Delightfull hangs overhead.

    An iconic Tired Man chair by Larssen and upholstered in wool, as highlighted in our recent Wool Applications edit.

    With the new extension, the home now accommodates an eat-in kitchen, living area and laundry room, plus a study on the second floor. Plenty of room for the family of three. “We wanted the new part of the home to be distinct from the original ones,’ explain the homeowners. “But it still reflects elements of the old house, which we felt was a way of respecting the architecture.”

    With a lack of natural light in the home, Simone and her team saw it two ways; they could try and create an airy and bright feel, or embrace the homes darker elements and instead amplify this to build on a new story. “Maintaining the formality of these original spaces was paramount along with leaning into the darkness of these rooms to create a library or retreat sensibility”, explains Simone.

    “The original part of the house has a beautiful pressed-plaster ceiling and cornice details, and the styling of those rooms was very important as it is the first impression of the home”. Playing on the darker-side, Simone worked closely with both local and international suppliers and craftsmen to interweave new elements into the home, all part of the brief to building an immersive, warm and welcoming narrative for the family that lives here. 

    A curated furniture selection instilled visual interest at every turn. Navigating heritage windows and doors on almost every elevation- a tricky feat for any designer, Simone cleverly combatted this by introducing more fluid and organically shaped furniture pieces, along with materials that had a lot of texture, mood and depth to add a touch of luxury and softness.

    Simone and her design team set their sights on celebrating the unique story of this Victorian family home through the careful curation of furniture, styling, art and objects. Breathing new life into each of the existing home’s spaces, Fitzroy North now pays homage to the existing heritage features by embracing these to a charming and modern effect. 

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