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Point Leo House by Pleysier Perkins stands as a testament to the seamless integration of coastal allure and architectural refinement. The combination of its beachside surroundings and seemingly simple design celebrates the softness of masonry and builds a narrative around ease, fluidity, and connection.

Melbourne-based firm Pleysier Perkins embarked on a mission to harmonise the connection between this family’s prized ‘motel-like’ holiday home and its picturesque, beachside surroundings through a meticulously crafted yet playful Palm Springs-inspired design.

In this exclusive film series presented in collaboration with Brickworks, design director Berit Barton guides us on a journey through Point Leo House. Berit reveals how this ‘low-fi’ coastal retreat has been tailored to meet the family’s needs, and how the design captures equal parts durability and personality, courtesy of a considered material palette that explores the chameleon-like nature of masonry materials.

In partnership with Brickworks.

Circular forms are a motif repeated through the home and accents of colour add visual intrigue to unlikely spaces. 

The GB Masonry Breeze Blocks Flower Breeze in Porcelain plays to the Palm-Springs-inspired architecture, adds privacy, and allows for ventilation and natural light to flow freely. 

In the entrance the Chillingham White bricks form a portal, looking through to the Flower Breeze Blocks in Porcelain.

The home’s mid-century aesthetic is further reinforced by the homeowner’s collection of personal works including the Gufram ‘Another White Cactus’ and aa piece by Australian artist Leila Jeffreys

Situated a stone’s throw away from the beach on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Point Leo House designed by Pleysier Perkins is set across an expansive, single-storey footprint and provides the family of three with a coastal base for them and their rotation of regular guests. For the homeowners, Melbourne-based Pleysier Perkins provided a familiar and trusted practice given that they had worked in sync on previous projects. With a comfortable relationship forming a solid foundation, Berit enlisted the help of both the interior and architecture teams to create this new home.

Referencing a mid-century modern aesthetic, the design scope was two-tiered. The client sought to encapsulate the nostalgic ambiance of a motel, where guests could freely come and go while ensuring the home seamlessly integrated with its natural surroundings. “The intention was to create a house that has a deep connection to the outside, you always feel connected to nature and feel the presence of the beach – whilst you don’t see it. That’s why we created the pool, making it the centre of the residence, so you still have the presence of water,” says Berit

Last Minute
Fisher & Paykel Series 9 | 90cm Induction Cooker (Stainless Steel)
Bowral 76 – Chillingham White

Encompassing four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a sunken lounge, an expansive open-plan living and kitchen area (seamlessly integrated with a games zone) Berit and her team have masterfully utilised the site’s generous footprint. Completing the property, an outdoor pool, spa and entertaining area, and garage further enhance the functionality and hosting allure of this resort-like holiday home.

The shared spaces feel unpretentious, offering the ability to walk in off the beach and play a game of pool, but there are also quieter moments within the home, such as retreating to the Japanese, onsen-inspired master bathroom or enjoying a cocktail in the sunken lounge “One of my favourite spaces must be the sunken lounge. It was designed in close collaboration with the interior design team, architects, the builder, and the clients and we all worked together to make this the ‘shaggiest’ place you can imagine” says Berit.

The material tapestry adorning Point Leo House is imbued with timeless and nostalgic elements. “We’ve got brick, timber, and cork – all materials that are quite timeless, durable, and sustainable – but can also take the brunt of family life whilst still feeling like a home.” says Berit. “The base of our materials is quite muted and created the canvas for adding some colour pops into it, which we did through with the shutters, the stained glass, the client’s artwork collection, and some of their furniture pieces that really compliment the home.”

The home’s orientation was driven by opening the home up to the filtering Northern light, which is captured by the home’s long hallway where the sun’s energy is captured in the blockwork and released throughout the day. “A lot of care went into modeling the thermal mass benefits of the internal brick walls and working out how to release and regulate stored temperatures effectively. This approach led to only minimal air conditioning which is run by the solar photovoltaic system on the roof,” adds Berit.

The custom-designed pool table by local manufacturer Harry Evans & Son table adds a touch of nostalgia to the games space adjacent to the open-planned kitchen and living space. 

The retro sunken lounge creates a focal point within the home and is cast from Bowral Bricks in Chillingham White and upholstered in a textured, boucle fabric. 

“We love the modularity of the Chillingham White brick and how we can play with it to create soft forms.”


Bowral Bricks in Chillingham White blend seamlessly with New Generation Cork tiles in Calais Cream to build the home’s expansive hallway. Inspired by the charm of motels, the layout features bedroom doors in complementary hues, adding a playful twist to the design.

Creating a Japanese-inspired sanctuary, the master bathroom is adorned with floor-to-ceiling Colori Full Body porcelain tiles in ‘Giada’ from Tiento Tiles. 

Pleysier Perkins’ choice of Bowral Bricks in 76 Chillingham White from Brickworks, was applied broadly within the interior and exterior and incorporates various geometric shapes to create a grounding solidity. “We love the modularity of it and how we can play with it to create soft forms,” explains Berit. “It’s a very warm and soft, matte texture and creates beautiful shadows when the sun hits them.” 

Gracing each side of the home’s front, Berit and her team also selected GB Masonry Breeze Blocks in a geometric Flower Breeze pattern in porcelain. The breeze blocks add to the Palm Springs aesthetic and ensure an added element of privacy whilst allowing natural light and ventilation to flow.  

With resplendent esoteric touches, the design intent of Point Leo House aims to intricately weave a playful mood throughout the home whilst remaining sophisticated in its architectural elements. “This is what the client came to us with they said, let’s have a bit of fun,” adds Berit.

Knoll Schultz 1966 Sun Lounge
Gufram “Another White” Cactus
Bowral 76 – Chillingham White

An entertainer’s home at heart, the living room opens out to the pool and outdoor kitchen area. 

“The intention was to create a house that has a deep connection to the outside, you always feel connected to nature and feel the presence of the beach"


Reflecting the interior hallway beyond, the Bowral Bricks in Chillingham White from Brickworks also informs the outdoor pool and entertaining space, complete with a curved outdoor shower. 

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