A Family Heirloom by Alexander & Co.

  • Bold isn’t always best. Sometimes it’s the design that goes gently and treads carefully that speaks the loudest. Well-versed in the craft of subtlety, Alexander & Co. took to this semi-detached Rawson Street home with a fine tooth comb.

    DESIGN Alexander & Co. | STYLING Claire Delmar | PHOTOGRAPHY Felix Forest

    From the front gate, the early 20th century Rawson street abode stands unaffected by age. The gradient from old to new unfolds from the entrance hall, marked by original brickwork and archways that transition at the kitchen opening.  “Cloaked in white, the connection is effortless and delicate,” says Alexander & Co. Director Jeremy Bull. The addition has reinvigorated the home in a crisp and contemporary, yet still family-friendly fashion. No opportunity for a window or skylight is ignored to harness natural light, as Jeremy describes “each room is provided a view or a vista, a garden wall or a tree”. If the outside isn’t enough to appease the eye, the communal areas are dotted with daring prints and paintings.

    The Rawson Street home is further enriched with a strong textural language. No two surfaces share the exact same feel, from the lining board ceilings, to the stucco walls and various marbles and renders. The kitchen is particularly grounded in durable surfaces and a rich tapestry of tones, with Staple washed oak extending from the floor up to the rear high cabinets, lending warmth and integrity to the Carrara marble – a “slightly ephermeral” choice according to Jeremy.

    Alexander & Co have made a point for each bathroom to explore a different idea yet be grounded in the metallic and the matte. Monochrome stone tiling imparts character and richness layered by black matte or brass fixtures and fittings. Jeremy advises placing emphasis in detail and consideration for lifting this look to your own bathroom; “lighting, finishes, details and planning play together in creating a bathing room of stillness and beauty.” Mastering this art of subtlety, a young family’s immaculate Rawson street home has earned Jeremy’s crown as a “carefully planned jewel box”.

    This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue 28. Read the entire magazine online here.


    Create understated elegance with a strong textural language.

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