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  • There’s no denying we are firm believers in the importance of timeless, long-lasting products here at est. Whether that be a design object, artwork or piece of furniture, we look for pieces that will stand the test of time – figuratively and literally.

    It’s a philosophy that’s shared by our friends at King Living. Well-loved for their workhorse sofas, King Living’s furniture collection now covers all manner of furnishings fit for the everyday family. And let’s be honest – when you have a family, a piece of furniture that stands the test of time isn’t just about style. It’s about adapting to the changing needs of a space and its inhabitants, about growing with you rather than becoming landfill two years down the track. In partnership with King Living, we curated three very different looks to explore how one piece (the legendary Jasper sofa) can adapt and evolve within a range of spaces – because life isn’t stagnant.

    Produced in partnership with King Living

    The Informal Living Area

    King Living have built their reputation on modular sofas like Jasper, and rightly so; the Jasper is the ideal neutral, modern piece to slip in to any interior. For our first space – an informal living area or lounge nook, we paired Jasper with the Keel console and Panama cushions from King Living and a oh-so-soft rug from Halcyon Lake.

    The obvious appeal of modular pieces are their flexibility – seperate an element there, reconfigure this section here – but where Jasper and other pieces from King Living really deliver is the modularity of every element. The pillow covers are removable so they can be cleaned or updated when needed, and the soft yet supportive foam filling and engineered steel frame make for an appealing daybed or spare bedding option. In a smaller, informal space like this, think not just modular but multipurpose.

    The Smaller Space

    For those tricky smaller areas, compromise may be necessary on the size of your sofa but there’s more than enough alternative options on offer. The addition of flexible timber shelves to Jasper are a space-conscious substitute for a coffee or side table, easy to insert at either end of the sofa.

    A light fabric hue such as cream or grey is also a way to add a feeling of depth, even if it’s just the illusion of space. Given the small space sofa tends to get less of a workout than the central family hub sofa, a light hue doesn’t have to come with concern for spillages and stains – but should worst come to worst, King’s covers are washable and when necessary, easily replaceable.

    The Communal Hub

    Often the lounge room is home’s central hub, where families of all sizes can curl up together at the end of a long day. While these types of spaces are well-suited to a larger, long sofa, it shouldn’t mean you’re locked to that layout forever, particularly if the lounge adjoins other living areas, like the kitchen/dining. A sofa that can be reconfigured to multiple options will be able to adapt as this type of space adapts with time. Here, we paired King’s Jasper sofa with their Seymour chair and Venus table and accessories from Hay at Cult and Great Dane.

    We should also point out the flipside of this space – sometimes we might all be in the same area, but (particularly if teenagers are involved) we don’t want to be cosied up together. Perhaps in complement to the emerging ‘two-screening’ trend, King have introduced a range of Smart Accessories for sofas such as Jasper, such as LED lights for reading and charging tables for smartphones. Now there’s really no need to get off the couch.

    As an Australian-owned business of over 40 years, King have perfected the pieces to grow with you as your family does. They understand flexibility, quality and adaptivity are the crucial elements today – and the result is a collection of pieces that will endure in both function and aesthetic well into the future.

    They’ve also thought about the impact and sustainability of buying less – for instance, the steel frames have a 25 year warranty, so should you decide to strip everything back and remodel the sofa completely you have a reliable foundation to do so. As the way we live continues to evolve and change, it seems like King Living will continue to define the ease of everyday family lifestyles well into the future.

    See all of the King Living collection on their website, or view the est favourites on our design directory here.

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  1. Hi there est

    I happen to have been looking for a mirrored side table for some time, can you please divulge the source of the one in the first photograph? It might be just what I am after… maybe!
    Best, Leanne

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