Insider’s Guide to Flos Lighting by Jasper Morrison

  • We explore the lighting legacy of Jasper Morrison for Flos, a company renowned for producing enduring pieces that become interior classics.

    Born in London in 1959, Jasper Morrison is an accomplished British industrial designer who seeks to design objects that fit seamlessly into everyday surroundings. His acclaim stems from an enduring commitment to minimalist and functional design principles, emphasising simplicity and elegance in all his creations. A figurehead for “New Simplicity”, a movement that advocates for a more modest and serious approach to design, Morrison’s philosophy is centred on crafting products that prioritise usability and practicality while presenting modern lines and a timeless aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the ordinary, he strives to create products that seamlessly become a part of daily life.

    Morrison’s work spans various design disciplines, from furniture to kitchenware and home accessories. However, his lighting designs for Flos cast an especially impressive glow. This collaboration is captured by the Flos Glo Ball lighting collection, which has become synonymous with his design legacy, reflecting a lasting partnership that has stood the test of time.

    In partnership with Euroluce

    Flos Mini Glo Ball C/W

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