The Est Edit: White Paint

  • White is white, right? Well, in our opinion not all whites are created equal and when it comes to white paint there’s a multitude of elements that influence each shade. Natural light plays a pivotal factor, the overall mood of the space and any existing elements such as the floor and furniture should all be considered. Finally, there’s the question of a crisp and contemporary cooler white versus the traditional depth of a warmer white.

    Whichever way you lean, a lick of white paint is always transformational. Forever fresh, the many nuances of the colour white can instantly offer a modern feel, inviting a spacious, considered or sophisticated quality as well as forming a foundation for layering on stronger colours.

    One look at the Butterfly House by Biasol is all we need to confirm the metamorphic beauty of white walls. The white paint in this London home subtly reflects the natural light to create a greater sense of space and showcase the furniture and heritage detailing. From whitewash to eggshell to chalk, take inspiration from our picks below as we navigate our way through the white paint kaleidoscope.

    Butterfly House by Biasol | Global Interiors | est living
    Chalk NSW Porter's Paints

    Chalk NSW Lime Wash

    Classed as an ageless beauty, Porter’s Original Lime Wash in Chalk NSW is a unique aged lime-based coating blended with natural pigments. This exterior white paint builds a soft weathered patina.

    Natural White

    Dulux Natural White is as good as it gets. Adored by home renovators and interior designers alike (check out the Surry Hills House by Fiona Lynch) it’s the lightest of warm whites and perfect for interior walls.

    Rice Paper | Murobond

    Rice Paper

    Channelling a carefree coastal feel, Murobond’s Rice Paper pure chalk paint is a completely matte finish. Featuring cooler blue-based undertones it’s ideal for furniture pieces and walls.

    Lexicon Half Paint

    Another firm Dulux favourite. Lexicon Half Paint is a crisp white known for its space opening qualities by allowing texture and other furnishings to come into their own. For this Queenslander Reno it’s the white of choice, both inside and out.

    Merino | Resene


    Erring more on the earthier side and going down as a classic in the Resene fan deck, Merino is a hugely popular muted shade that adds warmth and depth to any space.


    This white paint packs a punch- especially when partnered with architectural features like a chimney or lobby wall. Porter’s Fresco in Pavimento is applied with a trowel to offer a finish that replicates the lustre and texture of a plaster wall.

    Fresco - Pavimento | Porters Paint

    Alpen Stone Paint

    The signature to a truly modern interior, Porter’s Alpen Stone Paint is formulated with marble dust for texture which delivers a beautiful, mattifying softness. Used throughout the concrete interior of the Rosalie House .

    Vivid White

    Hello there white paint royalty. Vivid White by Dulux is the perfect shade for showcasing artwork, lighting and furniture and a bestseller in the Dulux range.

    Vivid White | Dulux

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