The Est Edit: Walk in Wardrobes

  • Here at est, we’re all about store and order. There’s nothing more attractive to the tidy eye than a space to hang, fold and arrange attire – or simply to show off your proudest purchases. What’s even more desirable is the room to move, dress and undress in your own inch of privacy; the possibilities a properly equipped walk in wardrobe offers are endless.

    We know having a functional place for your things is not only good for your sanity, it’s also good for your clothes. And while your garments often can’t be, walk in wardrobes can be customised to you in both design and practicality. Investing in a walk in wardrobe is worthy of time and consideration, ensuring none of your treasures go without their designated spot. With beauty in the detail, the walk in wardrobe is a space that demands your own flare.

    In partnership with our friends at Poliform, we’ve put together a selection of designer walk in wardrobes to itch at the inner organiser, the fashion fanatic and design discerning – all at once. These are the wardrobes you’ll never want to walk out of.

    Designer decadence

    You shouldn’t leave high end to what’s in your wardrobe – create a space equally as luxurious. It couldn’t get more sophisticated than Alwill Interiors limed American oak panelling, floor-to-ceiling cupboards and bespoke ceiling lighting. That’s without mention of the ideal vanity to take pleasure in putting your face on; who said your wardrobe is just for getting dressed in?

    Hide and chic

    For concealing the contents of your collection, the Sand Wardrobe is a sure candidate to shape your walk in space. Made of pine, the sleek and streamlined Sand Wardrobe is a combination of rich materiality and functionality. Neatly segmenting your space and unobtrusive to the view, these wardrobes don’t want to be centre of attention – they leave that to your finery. 

    Openly organised

    If you’re not one to push and shove your clothes away, then take your inspiration from the walk in robe inside the Hunter’s Hill project by Handelsmann & Khaw. Glass doors create a smooth barrier while showcasing the neatness on display. With the addition of a centralised cabinet, this is a light-filled space you’ll enjoy trying things on – and putting things away even more.

    From behind closed doors

    If like Carrie Bradshaw you like your money right where you can see it, you’ll want to be walking into the Ubik. The Ubik does all the hard work in setting up for you, with a system that looks like it has been lifted from your favourite designer store. The Ubik also showcases the value in trays, draws, pull-out shoe racks and various hangers that will have you curating your entire wardrobe.

    Let there be light

    Don’t be left in the dark deciding what to wear. A well-lit walk in robe should be at the top of your customisation list and for this, we take cues from inside Madeleine Blanchfield’s Clovelly House. Catering to all aspects of getting ready, the soft and welcoming space takes credit from warm, integrated lighting, dispersed by the floor-length mirror for a heightened sense of space. A walk in robe like this one is sure to brighten every day.

    Railed for small spaces

    Small spaces shouldn’t come at the cost of a walk in wardrobe. Working with a narrow space, the Stratus Wardrobe has smooth-sliders, so you won’t find yourself blocked by opening and closing doors. The Stratus wardrobe installs as the perfect transition into an ensuite, allowing you to enjoy the clutter free lifestyle with spatial limitations.

    Colour code

    If colour isn’t a part of your wardrobe when you’re out of the house, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in your home. While we certainly gravitate towards the neutral, a pop of colour in a walk in wardrobe can add personality to the space and reflect your taste. Here, Arent & Pyke have cleverly integrated a bold blush pink as the perfect backing to a horde of white shirts.

    Don’t leave texture to the textiles

    Walk in wardrobes involve customisation down to each fixture, fitting and finish. For something different, the Skin Wardrobe by Poliform customises to a leather ‘skin’, available in a range of warming colours. The Skin Wardrobe is easily adaptable to your own space with a choice of distinctive edges or frames, opening options and storage schemes.

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