The Est Edit: Built-in Bathroom Furniture

  • It’s time to take a look in the bathroom mirror — and consider what’s below. For one of the busiest rooms in the house, does it satisfy your storage needs? Does it cover up the clutter?

    Built-in bathroom furniture comes in a myriad of shapes, sizes and materials. It’s the perfect opportunity for design exploration, in an effort to find the sweet spot between functionality and a timeless visual solution in the bathroom.

    For the best of built-in bathroom furniture, we’re leaning on design by Rogerseller, manufactured by Falper. Handmade in Italy, Falper bathroom furniture works hard to be apart of your routine. Captured in a nutshell by Valeria de Mateo of Falper, “every product that leaves the factory is made with passion and is going to be the crown jewel in someone’s bathroom”.

    In partnership with Rogerseller, we’re celebrating the newest member of their bathroom furniture family, Caldera, with a collection of built-in bathroom beauties. From the biggest of bathrooms to pint-sized powder rooms, we’re appreciating designs that makes a statement in creative thinking and craftsmanship, ready to appease the tidy eye.

    Taking shape

    Kestie Lane, the trusted designers of this bathroom inside the Albert Park Residence, were all about bespoke output. But what exactly does that look like? A home up to its eyeballs in detail, best seen in the custom-designed, panelled cabinetry that conceals the contents of a busy family’s bits and bobs. To mix it up, the circular mirror design on the small format tiles shapes a bathroom of well-connected geometric forms, textural stonework and bold black fixtures.

    Natural instinct

    If ever there was a pair that existed in perfect harmony, it would be stone and timber. Designed in partnership with Falper, Caldera bathroom furniture by Rogerseller puts these two materials on a pedestal. Lending you the design reins, the Caldera cabinetry can be tailored to create unique compositions out of drawers, wooden feature boxes and a variation of wooden benchtops. The stone basin integration is so seamless, you’d be forgiven for missing it on first glance.

    Grand proportions

    No expense was spared inside the Hunters Hill House by Handelsmann & Khaw to exercise subtle, tactile luxury. The grandiose built-in bathroom basin and vanity is an edgy example of this mission, in the marble and the patinated metalwork. With the double basin comes double the enjoyment of the tiers of texture, accessorised by Apparatus wall lighting.

    Milky modern

    Italian craftsmanship is on display in the Quattro Zero, an integrated cabinet collection characterised by its ‘lightness’ in the bathroom. Available in two sizes, the range comes with plenty of storage to stow away your toiletries, while the streamlined countertop and cabinetry are finished in walnut, oak and neutral shades. Add the Quattro Zero Backlit LED Mirror and you’ve got an ideal spot to ‘put your face on’.

    Tonnes of texture

    Where granite is a unifying characteristic in a home, it was only natural the design would permit custom objects. Inside the Armadale Residence by B.E Architecture, a handworked stone slab sits weighty in the wet room, on a bed of milled timber draws. So as not to distract from the beautifully weathered stone, storage is afforded overhead in the mirror cabinets.

    A petite punch

    Joining in on the Quattro Zero party is this smaller size of the bathroom range. Designed for compact precision, Falper’s Qauttro Zero is all about achieving fine detail in smaller-footprint projects like an ensuite. Just as the larger configuration, the basin is constructed of matt white Ceramilux, with a left hand side basin. The unique material guarantees quality and durability, being recyclable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic and just 4mm thin.

    Fitting the mould

    When your bathroom takes inspiration from a Grecian villa, you are guaranteed sculptural storage. Forget sharp edges and angular lines, the Vernon Apartment by AP Design House is all about organic forms in the bathroom. Custom-moulded shelving and raw edged cabinetry make for a bathroom distinct by its binaries of softness and fluidity, with rawness and concrete. Downlighting by Flos Soft-Architecture only adds to this sculptural affair.

    Clean cut

    Via Veneto Vetro by Falper has taken time to consider what’s on top. A silky satin glass bench top (that comes in more than ten colours) and integrated sink set the tone of the new range on the existing timber cabinetry, with milled pocket handles and fully opening draws. The timber-framed wall mirror lets you carry the signature Vetro smoothness into the accessories of your bathroom.  

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