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    • Whether you’re looking to bring the outside in or turning your spaces inside out, these clever projects bring interior and exterior living together with impeccable style and functionality.

      Whether you live in the midst of the city bustle, on the coast or in the countryside, the chance to spend some of your downtime outdoors is a precious thing indeed. And while we at est wouldn’t necessarily call ourselves ‘outdoorsy’ people, simply sitting out in the sunshine with a good book or a cup of coffee is one of life’s truly simple pleasures.

      When it comes to creating impactful indoor outdoor spaces, there’s no hard and fast rules. Being mindful of the space’s limitations, climate and how you intend to use it are of course strong starting points, but as these designers show, there’s plenty of ways to get creative when uniting interior and exterior areas. Regardless of the space you’ve got to work with, these projects prove there’s always a way to bring the outside in, or vice versa.

      Recently showcased in Issue 30 of est magazine, this Malvern home by studiofour is a subtle and stripped-back blending of the inside and out. As the studiofour team explained to est, their intention was to create “visual and physical” connectivity of the built form with the adjacent landscape.

      Inserting a courtyard to the home’s layout provides connects the inside and out and encourages family interaction through the communal spaces it creates. “A largely open plan central hub was designed to provide valued together time whilst also promoting multi-tasking as required” architect Annabelle Berryman says. The outdoor space is framed by prime family living areas, such as the family room, kitchen, pantry and large communal bench area, ensuring everyone can enjoy the tranquility it brings.

      You would be forgiven for thinking this exotic abode is located in coastal Europe instead of in the heart of Sydney. But thanks to a close collaboration between Chris and Megan at CM Studio and their creative client, this home showcases its indoor outdoor spaces effortlessly with a classic french-style build.

      The home’s brief had a clear intention: to move away from anything sterile and artificial and fill the family home with a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere. To achieve that, the kitchen layout was significantly reworked and enlarged, creating a neutral entertaining area, where smooth stone detail and stripped-back timber joinery make for an alluring indoor-outdoor culinary experience.

      In keeping with the client’s affinity for a rustic yet refined style, the materials used inside and out ensure a seamless transition from interior to exterior. The living space extends well beyond the glass sliding doors here, creating a resort-like outdoor space; a restoration destination.

      Bellevue Hill House by CM Studio

      To make space for an active young family with teenage children, Pipkorn & Kilpatrick expertly fused the old with the new. This modern extension is sensitive to its history, recasting the pool and outdoor area for the family’s evolving needs. A clean, minimal approach was taken to the new pool house and additional dining room which links to the original house. This saw the conversion of the flat-roof garage into a flexible entertaining zone complete with a billiard room, lounge seating that becomes bedding and a cosy indoor fireplace with a self-contained kitchenette and bathroom.

      The open-plan addition cleverly maximises lightness to complement and contrast the existing bungalow style home. The straight lines of the outside landscaping enhances the sense of space inside the extension while the pool cavity by Kate Patterson Landscapes acts like a central sculptural feature, where silver granite tiles spill over to play on form and function. Bring on the Summer pool parties, we say!

      Home by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick

      An enduring favourite here at est, the Lake House by Italian architecture firm Wespi de Meuron is a lakeside house like no other. Designed specifically to allow both outside and inside spaces to effectively flow into one other, it makes for the perfect summer house for those that like a view without sacrificing solitude.

      The home balances the public and private in its indoor outdoor spaces, anchored by both enclosed and exposed courtyards. Beyond the secluded internal courtyard lies the kitchen and dining areas, designed again to open up entirely to the exterior while the interior spaces fully embrace the surrounding Swiss lakeside views. Meanwhile, a covered outdoor terrace and another courtyard with a peaceful view of the local landscape continue the serenity in every space.

      Lake House by Wespi de Meuron

      Located in one of the most sacred places in the world – the Galilee region in Israel – local firm Golany Architects sought to do it justice in their design, and in doing so have celebrated the unique surrounding landscape in a myriad of design decisions.

      The form’s local expertise came in handy when considering the sustainable and environmental opportunities for the project, such as the wooden shutters to share and filter the intense sun. Sliding in adjustment to the position of the sun, the shutter lattices are typical of Mediterranean mashrabiya, blocking views inwards and maintaining privacy, while still allowing the inhabitants to enjoy the scenery from the inside.

      Of course having been blessed with such beautiful surrounds, you wouldn’t want it to go to waste – so Golany Architects have cleverly used recessed windows and doors to create a double-skin envelope for the home. Despite the heavy heat in this region, the house stays cool and pleasant even during the hottest days of summer – and every room comes with an impressive view.

      Galilee Home by Golany Architects

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