Elsternwick House by Fiona Lynch

  • Labelled a “Victorian Muse”, this heritage abode by Fiona Lynch and her team has been reimagined for its past with a vision for its future.

    Oh the tales this Victorian-era home could tell. Just as any house with a storied past, it would be a true shame to let it be left in an outdated state. Thankfully, the grand and historic bones fell onto the designer desk of est favourite Fiona Lynch and her team. The interior design firm are known for their handle on colour (nominated for the 2018 Dulux Colour Awards) and expertise in taking on some of Australia’s oldest homes to bring their elegant foundations into the spotlight. By letting the past and present appropriately mingle, they’re always injecting style and sophistication in spades. Coming to the firm for this very reason, the owner of this home was encouraging of Fiona Lynch and her team’s exploration of colour, letting them take on an evolutionary approach from room to room.

    As in any of their heritage re-dos, the team drew on the era-defining hallmarks of the home for deferent guidance – one of those being the original fireplace. The original russet marble centrepiece in the dining space informed their choice of soft blue for the walls, while the high ceilings and ornate cornices inspired the tobacco-coloured velvet curtains. Throughout the home, this rich and ornate mix of texture and tones has created an exciting playground for new and old. 

    What was also a significant part of letting the home tastefully enter a contemporary chapter was the selection of furniture and art. The client was passionate about understanding the history of each piece, so Fiona Lynch and her team established a unique narrative for each room. The furnishings reveal a know-how that respects the heritage nature of the home, with old classics such as the Serge Mouille pendants, Wishbone Chairs, Pietro Russo dining table and Charlotte Perriand Chairs all making an appearance. More modern furniture inclusions with the same design repute include the Tufty Too Sofa, Snoopy Table Lamp by Flos and Mags Soft Sofa. All of these are made comfortable by the sea of books and artwork that reveal a well-read occupant, with a serious appreciation for aesthetic.

    In no way is this a safe interior intervention. But perhaps that’s what makes it so great – because despite Fiona Lynch’s contemporary take, the home is at harmony with its historic character. Bound by a timeless reverence for materiality and proportion comes a wonderland of iconic pieces and striking details. 

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