Elevating the Calibre of Residential Lifts

  • We discover why Next Level Elevators are market leaders in supplying all-electric lifts designed for the Australian market.

    Italian-designed and manufactured Next Level Elevators have redefined the Australian elevator industry with their refined designs and a firm grasp on sustainability.

    Moving beyond hydraulic lifts (infamous for their higher energy consumption) Next Level Elevators’ all-electric models deliver greater energy efficiency supported by an industry-leading seven-year warranty. est sits down with the company’s director Damien Boyle to discover how the brand has risen from strength to strength over the past decade.

    Produced in partnership with Next Level Elevators

    Congratulations on Next Level Elevators’ position as a leader in the industry. Could you share with est readers how the brand began and more importantly, why? 

    Damien Boyle: Thank you. Thank you. Our directors, Daniel Mawson and myself, originally formed Next Level Elevators in 2012 when we saw an opportunity to revolutionise the industry

    Essentially residential lifts are very much ‘stuck in the past’. A large proportion of the established competition offers outdated hydraulic lifts that consume copious amounts of energy.

    As an Italian-made product invented by prominent innovator Gianluca Polensig, how did this relationship come about?

    Damien Boyle: We have a very close affinity with Gianluca, built on trust over several years. We initially engaged Gianluca and Italian supplier Eltec to provide us only with the doors for some of our elevators (this was before Eltec supplied our lifts).

    As the relationship developed, we worked with Gianluca to create the Eltec HLB, which we still retail today. Once the Eltec HLB proved successful, we worked more closely with Gianluca to produce a carefully curated collection – solving numerous pain points within the industry. As a result, we now have exclusive rights to those elevators for the Australian market.

    Understanding your lifts are crafted by Eltec in Italy, do you have exclusive distribution rights to this product?

    Damien Boyle: Yes, we have exclusive access to Eltec’s all-electric product range within Australia.

    Why are electric lifts understood to be more energy efficient than their predecessor, hydraulic lifts?

    Damien Boyle: Hydraulic lifts tend to run on a 20 to 40 amp power supply. The Next Level Elevator collection runs on a single phase 10 amp power supply. It has achieved a European A-grade energy rating – deeming it one of the most energy-efficient products on the market.

    Is there a specific difference between elevators and lifts?

    Damien Boyle: They are simply interchangeable terms within the industry, depending on what country you’re from. The term lift is probably the more commonly used here in Australia. 

    In your opinion, what are the most important aesthetic elements when designing residential lifts?

    Damien Boyle: We have developed a collection that has moved away from outdated designs within the industry. Our approach bears a ‘less is more’ mentality. In short, we focus on modern design – minimalist in nature. This methodology allows us to produce elevators that are very versatile and can work with a broad range of interior styles.

    More specifically, doors are a key focus for us in terms of design as they are the most visual aspect of the elevator. Our new ‘wings’ and ‘reverse’ doors are the most relevant example of this approach.

    Next Level Elevators ‘wings’ doors illustrate their commitment to aesthetic and function.

    What do the next five years for Next Level Elevators look like for you? Are you working on anything you can share with est readers?

    Damien Boyle: Essentially, our focus is on innovation and development of complementary items for our clients (architects, interior designers, builders and homeowners). You can also expect to witness an increase in our physical footprint.

    We can’t say too much about what we have in the pipeline at present super cliché, sorry! [laughs]. But I can reveal we have a new lift in development that has the potential to bring momentous change to the residential elevator industry – both from a functional and aesthetic standpoint. Watch this space!

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