We asked connoisseurs of fine accommodation, Mr & Mrs Smith, to give us the inside word on the Top 5 winners of the Best Dressed Hotel category in their inaugural Smith Hotel Awards held recently. Discerning travellers from around the world combined forces and voted for their favourite hotels in a whole host of categories from Best Dressed to Best Spa Hotel and Hottest Hotel Bar.

Today we look to El Fenn, Marrakech. A heavenly hacienda that made it to top 5 in The Smith Collection of over 900 Hotels worldwide.

The unassuming doorway of this labyrinthine 21-roomed property leads onto three inner courtyards: First you must walk through a gently lit courtyard with a marble fountain and a rose-petal-filled basin beckoning you to complete the journey that you started, past a screening room that gently guides you through antique carved wooden doors and up a tiny flight of stairs to finally reveal a rooftop terrace with views of the Atlas Mountains. The grand architecture and modern art on the walls makes El Fenn make it the natural choice for creatives looking for ultimate inspiration.

Location Marrakech, Morocco
 Traditional riad with an artist’s touch
Setting On the cusp of medina and souk



Mr and Mrs Smith_El Fenn_Marrakech_Morocco_Colonnade Room





Mr and Mrs Smith_El Fenn_Marrakech_Morocco_Colonnade Desk

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