Edra Standard Sofa

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    The Standard Sofa: The design against which all other sofas will be judged.

    Hands up if your favourite way to shake off the day is to kick back and swathe yourself in an hour of Harvey Specter in all his glory as you catch up on the latest episode of Suits Season 5. Imagine then kicking your shoes off with gusto as you remind the kids that you have officially clocked off for the day, just before you sink into a sofa specifically designed to emulate the feeling of lying on a cloud. Can you think of a better way to end the working day right now?


    While personally my current sofa situation is limited to stains of god knows what (actually I do know what – my aunts spray on red hair die left from her last visit – don’t ask) and a spring base with feather and foam filled seat that has acted as a makeshift gladiator fighting platform for my three teenage sons and their friends. Every weekend. All weekend. For the last 10 years.

    Welcome to my home. Trade you?

    So when stopping by to Space Furniture in Melbourne last week to see what was new on the floor, of course the soft cloud like proportions of the Edra Standard Sofa beamed out at me like some sort of gift from the heavens as I hauled my weary, desk job unfit body up to the first floor. And true to its word, when it comes to comfort, the Standard design really does set the bar high for all sofas – before and after.

    Designed in 2013, Francesco Binfarè’s design for Edra is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development into variable configurations and new ‘body cocooning’ materials for both comfort and flexibility. With each individual seat of the sofa designed to be moved and configured to whatever shape of your choosing, whether it be a high head support for movie watching, or a lowered back that flattens to 180 degrees to create extra seating options, this sofa offers the ultimate design solution for whatever space you live in and whoever you happen to share it with.

    Defying all expectation though is just how comfortable this sofa is. Body contouring and form fitting are usually words associated with a Kardashian, or a pair of Bridget Jones’ undies – not a sofa. Yet this is exactly what it does – without giving you a tummy ache on both accounts. I kid you not, this chair cocoons you.

    Now to convince my associate in our homes finance department that we need to add this to our lives. Am sure to win if I take the footy watching in comfort angle, no?





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