Edra Essential Sofa

  • We made no secret of our lust for Edra’s Standard Sofa and now they’ve added another knockout to the collection with the Edra Essential sofa.

    And what isn’t more essential than a comforting yet design apropos sofa to sink into at the end of the day? If you’re like us, your sofa is the MVP of your living area – the space you can unwind in even when chaos is swarming around you. This is what interests the Essential designer, Francesco Binfarè, too. He refers to the sofa as the ‘small soft architecture’ of the living area, the place where interpersonal time is brought to a physical activity. And with the fascination he holds for the sofa and its place in the home, a new design from Binfarè is always worth a peek.


    After setting the bar extremely high for our sofa expectations with the Edra Standard Sofa, it was with a question mark we approached the Essential sofa at Space Furniture. The third sofa from Edra to use ‘smart’ cushions, we wondered what could set this new edition out from the existing top shelf offerings.

    Turns out, a lot. As expected, the sofa is incredibly comfortable – plush, but not cloying, and decadent but with enough support to muster yourself out of the sofa (although let’s face it, you won’t want to get up once you sink into those pillows!) without any stretch.

    This time, Binfarè takes a modular approach, creating the ability for you to curate the experience you want. Want to immerse yourself in a pillow cocoon? The smart cushions will shape and adapt to even your smallest movements. Need to create space from a packed couch? Move and reconfigure sections as you like. In any combination, the Essential manages to look chic yet cozy, adaptive to any design scheme and layout. The subtle silhouette ensures the back of the sofa is just as aesthetically pleasing as the front,  and as with the Edra, the smart pillow acts as a backrest and armrest, adjustable to your preferred position.  From working on a laptop to curling up with a book to sleeping (be honest, we all take it if the opportunity allows) the Essential contours to your body and provides strong but supple support.

    Even as Binfarè continues to push the boundaries of flexibility and adaptivity in his design, he’s equally fixated on the sofa’s beauty and timelessness. The Essential is a reflection of the modern everyday essential, but infused with the availability of new and sophisticated technologies. At the end of the day, the Essential sofa is an evolution of best of Edra’s technology and structural engineering, but it’s so comfortable you probably won’t notice much else – you’ll be too busy wondering how you can avoid getting up ever again.

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