Dynamic Duos from Poliform

    • While times and traditions have changed, the formal dining setting or the relaxed table and chairs remains at the heart of how we gather and entertain in the home. 

      There’s a certain time of year that our dining setting begs our attention more than most. To prepare your home for hosting over the entertaining season and the many that follow, we’ve handpicked four of our favourite dining combinations, available at Poliform. Whether you’re after rectangular or round, a space saving solution or a table for ten, Poliform offers quality candidates for meals to be had and special occasions shared. Lucky for us, Poliform has brought these premium European designs to our door step, made from sumptuous materials and each offering the maximum customisation Poliform prides itself on.

      Explore Poliform’s dining collection here. There’s never been a better time to invest  let the season for celebration begin.

      Home Hotel Table and Ipanema Chairs

      The name says it all for the Home Hotel Table — a five-star dining experience in your home. The Home Hotel Table is made from Black Elm with marble variations, and its circular shape affords no assigned number of seats at the table. 

      The round design is a winner for open plan and formal dining areas, allowing easy flow in the space and interaction between everyone at the table. The Ipanema Chair is a fitting decision to hug the robust Home Hotel Table. Just like its armchair counterpart, the Ipanema Chair knows how to combine originality and functionality in design.

      Ipanema Chair | Poliform
      Concorde Table and Grace Chairs | Poliform

      Concorde Table and Grace Chairs

      The Concorde Table and Grace Chairs exude a European atmosphere. The pair were designed by Emmanuel Gallina for Poliform, emphasising soft shapes and elegant style. The Concorde Table is available as round or rectangular, and offers an entirely wood make or marble top as pictured; all with the iconic leg construction. 

      The Grace Chair is also a shape shifter, as two versions — one with arms and the other and variations in material. Here at est we are fans of the velvety bluestone finish, for a subdued dining palette. Together, the Grace Chair and Concorde Dining Table accentuate Emmanuel Gallina’s classic yet contemporary approach to design.

      Concorde Table | Poliform
      Blade Table and Seattle Chairs | Poliform

      Blade Table and Seattle Chairs

      Blade’s the name if you’ve got your eye on the simple and streamlined. The Blade Table has taken basic geometry and combined it with the strength and solidity of Canetto Walnut, letting the material speak for itself. The length of the Blade Table offers plenty of room for the Seattle Chair, one of the latest designs to come off Jean-Marie Massuad’s desk this year. Just like the Blade Table, the Seattle Chair prides itself on quality materials, made from buttery leather. 

      The Seattle Chair comes with or without arms and in both instances, is all about the sartorial details that enrich the leatherwork, such the stitching and punching along the perimeter. Fundamentally, the Blade Table and Seattle Chair are our choice for their craftsmanship value — an approach and aesthetic that will have this dining setting singing Nordic influence in your home.

      Howard Table and Ventura Chairs | Poliform

      Howard Table and Ventura Chairs

      The Howard Table and Ventura Chair are for any host looking to step up their entertaining game. Behind the primary design of the table and chairs is a sophistication in stripping it back, ensuring a serious sense of luxury in the home. The self-supporting Howard Table structure is made of steel and wood, enhanced by a thin frame and completed by a marble top. 

      Forget retiring to the lounge when you’ve got the comfort of the Ventura Chair, equipped with padded seating and winged arms. The two have our tick of approval for home hospitality with a seriously refined twist, where endless conversation and several courses can be had.

      Howard Table | Poliform

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