Donaldson’s Farmhouse by Hecker Guthrie

  • Set overlooking the sprawling vines of Polperro and Even Keel vines in Red Hill, Hecker Guthrie‘s Donaldson’s Farmhouse sees a restored 1950’s home open outward onto its vast aspect.

    As an extension of the Polperro family, Donaldson’s Farmhouse is an open invitation for guests to embrace the lush abundance of its rural locale, in a uniquely curated setting. As a celebration of the iconic Australian 1950’s holiday home, materiality, approach and all object and furniture has been selected and collected to conjure nostalgic memories of similar settings.

    Designed and styled by Hecker Guthrie with a distinct brief, the focus centres around social living at its core, with an overarching gravitational pull toward the outdoor living element inherent in the home which is available to stay at. Nestled amongst the iconic Victorian and lush landscape that is Red Hill, the hero of the outdoor area becomes the family hearth, where both a social and contemplative space ensue.

    The Farmhouse was born out of a shared loved of the region, where wine-maker owners of Polperro WineryAmelie & Franks and recently featured on est; Many Little, wanted to add to their offering, with an accommodation component. As with all of their inherently passionate pursuits, this needed to be reflective of a respect for context and history, and the design approach rightly is a reflection of this.

    Throughout the property, a series of passive retreat spaces are created to rest and nourish, that also connect to the more active living, kitchen and outdoor elements as a push-pull balance is created. Inspired by the fifties era, and a fusion of the typified country and beach-style aesthetic, the result is a series of spaces that feel as though each element has been collected, over many years, layered and woven together on site.

    Hecker Guthrie have brought together a palette of earthy greens, yellow, rust red and ochres, the utilisation of terrazzo and raw materiality brings an earthy quality. Envisioned as both a summer and winter destination, the relaxed relatability of the familiar is carried through to the select furniture, objects, styling and artwork. Through the same eclectic lens, mixing vintage, era-specific and modern elements, texture and curiosity are openly welcomed, adding an enveloping warmth. Donaldson’s Farmhouse is a mix of the known and of the aspirational and offers a uniquely curated style of accommodation.

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