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Smeg is an Italian appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, midway between Venice and Milan, in Northern Italy, a region with a rich heritage of design, art, architecture, fashion and culture.  With beauty and inspiration at every turn, unsurprisingly the region has generated a globally acclaimed manufacturing industry.  Smeg along with Ferrari, Ducati, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Barilla, amongst others, are recognisable the world over for inventive design and technological might.
For 70 years Smeg has lead the way in appliance design and manufacture, with the belief that customers should be able to express their personality through design, and much like art, appliances should be selected on the basis of personal taste. This philosophy gave rise to Smeg’s long history of collaborations with world-leading architects and designers, creating aesthetic collections to suit different styles and tastes.  Smeg is the only appliance brand to offer genuine design choice, allowing customers to select appliances like works of art.
Smeg is owned by the Bertazzoni family and run by third generation, Vittorio Bertazzoni.  The family are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit to constantly deliver new technologies which improve the preparation of food, entertaining and quality of life, synonymous with ‘Made in Italy’ style and innovation.

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