• Designer: Trevor Mein at Otomys
  • Dimensions: Various
  • Materials: Cotton Rag
  • Price Guide: Starting From $3,200

The mystical power and scale of these cloud by Trevor Mein draw you in – viewers become ‘cloud-struck’ by these luxurious and distinctive compositions because they are masterpieces unlike any other.

‘In the ever-changing topography of the clouds, the landscape of the human heart – every mood and emotion – is writ large in the sky.’

Sometimes it takes an artist to show us what is in front of our noses. To capture the most nebulous or fleeting of phenomena, and help us see them anew. This is what Trevor Mein does with his photographs of motion and energy. His photographs of clouds arrest their motion while highlighting their evanescence, their luminosity and their power. Dazzling explosions of bulbous white.


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