• Designer: Liliana Barbieri at Otomys
  • Dimensions: Various
  • Materials: Gesso Pigment on Birchwood Panel
  • Price Guide: Starting From $350

Liliana Barbieri, fluent in the languages of Renaissance and Italianate architecture,  separates structure from sky in her disrupted architectural abstractions.

As an Australian artist of Italian heritage, Melbourne based Barbieri draws reference from the cultural richness of centuries of Italian art and architectural history. Rendered carefully over time with layers of gesso, natural pigments and marble dust, her canvases and boards hint at locations and moments in time neither past nor present. Working intuitively, Barbieri purposefully eludes representation to instead articulate an emotional realm in the spaces she conjures between form and void. Carefully positioned fragments of colonnades and façades divide to uncover inviting glimpses of pathways and piazzas under the dome of ancient skies.

Along the process, somewhere between her chalky whites and characteristic gentle blues Barbieri leads us to an exciting dimension that echoes the ancient, the familiar and the yet to be explored.

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  • Liliana Barbiera Art | Otomys Art Gallery
  • Liliana Barbiera Art | Otomys Art Gallery