• Designer: Bremworth Collection
  • Dimensions: 3.66m Broadloom. 11.8 mm +- 10% Carpet Thickness
  • Materials: 100% Pure new wool
  • Colours: Damask, Holland, Venise, Cambric, Palin

The neutral colour palette of the Lisburn carpet range by Cavalier Bremworth is subtly variegated to give added interest to the soft chunky, felted wool pile. Made from New Zealand grown wool, this carpet is timeless in style and beautifully crafted,


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  • Lisburn-Cavalier-Bremworth-Carpet-Est-Living-DD-Holland
  • Lisburn-Cavalier-Bremworth-Carpet-Est-Living-DD-Damask
  • Lisburn-Cavalier-Bremworth-Carpet-Est-Living-DD-Palin
  • Lisburn-Cavalier-Bremworth-Carpet-Est-Living-DD-Cambric
  • Lisburn-Cavalier-Bremworth-Carpet-Est-Living-DD-Venise
  • Lisburn-Carpet-Est-Living-DD.01
  • Lisburn-Carpet-Est-Living-DD