Strand Chair

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  • Designer Adam Cornish
  • Brand NAU
  • Dimensions W 550 x D 500 x H 800 mm
  • Frame Black, White, Silver, Eucalpyt.
  • Shell Oak, Smoked Oak, White Stained Oak, Black Stained Oak.
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The philosophy behind the Strand Chair is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts; each component works with the other to create pieces that rely solely on their unison. Inspired by the vintage steel furniture from the 1950s, the collection is made from simple, tactile materials, chosen for their honesty and ability to age with dignity. Taking cues from braided steel cables, three aluminium ‘strands’ work in unison to create the outline of the design. Quaint, intricate and tactile, Strand is humble enough for homes and cafes, yet strong and ergonomically suited to commercial applications.