Sand Dune Rug

  • Home Product Library Flooring Rugs Sand Dune Rug
  • Brand Behruz Studio
  • Collection Amir Aligorgi Collection
  • Dimensions Customisable
  • Materials Wool, Silk & Aloe
  • Colour Customisable
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The Sand Dune Rug is part of the Behruz Amir Aligorgi Collection. Painting, photography, video and sculpture have all undergone radical shifts in recent decades. New technologies and new aesthetic positions have affected all approaches: Art, as it has always done, finds new ground to break. It is perhaps timely then that another form of cultural expression breaks from tradition into new realms of creativity – that of textiles. Amir Aligorgi is at the forefront of this radical approach. In many respects he remains a traditionalist. Like many before him, the skills required were handed down from his father.