Lumi Wall Sconce

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  • Designer Articolo Architectural Lighting
  • Materials Glass and Metal with Flex Cord. Light Source: 240V, 40W SES Fancy Round.
  • Colour Smoke / Smoke
    Smoke / Frosted Smoke
    Clear / Frosted Smoke
    Clear / Smoke
    Clear / Clear
    Clear / Frosted Clear
  • Flex Cord Colours Black, White, Black / White Mix, Red, Natural Linen
  • Fitting Colour Articolo Black
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The Lumi Wall Sconce is refined in its masculine elegance. Crafted by hand from solid steel, it exhibits careful consideration in every detail. The cord keepers provide the perfect balance and housing for the cloth-covered flex cord, which is available in a series of colours. The Lumi shade is designed to be easily removed for cleaning.