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Mario Nanni

Mario Nanni

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Make a statement with nine elegant and eye-catching pendants – each a unique exploration of material, finish and form.
Track lighting from Viabizzuno serves as both an ambient and architectural accent lighting option. We explore its versatility.
We're bringing the Roy Tavolo Table Lamp by Mario Nanni to the front in the first instalment of our new Future Classic series.
We take you to some of Sydney's best design hubs to visit five showrooms – from kitchen appliances to architectural lighting – ready to inspire you in 2023. 
We set foot inside the new Viabizzuno Melbourne and Sydney showroom spaces and experience their immersive LightLab installation.
Forging a design-led collaboration with Chilvelstone House, we explore architect Peter Zumthor and Viabizzuno lighting's mutual philosophies.
To celebrate his inaugural visit to Australia, we chat exclusively with globally-celebrated lighting designer, founder and creative director of Viabizzuno lighting; Mario Nanni.

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