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The new Vipp V3 aluminium kitchen blends functionality with aesthetics. 

Sitting seemingly in isolation in Thy national park in Denmark, Vipp Cold Hawaii is a testament to the beauty and serenity of solitary moments amongst nature. 

Emphasising how the natural and the constructed can work as one, Vipp Cold Hawaii functions as anything from a surf retreat — hence the name — to a space to escape to and wake every morning to the sound of the sea.  The guesthouse’s architect, Ebbe Lavsen, transformed the historic early 1900 cottage into the modern guesthouse, describing the location as a surreal experience; “When you step out the door, you step into a national park. The sensation of being in a no-mans-land, almost in a moon-landscape, strikes you.” The two-storey guesthouse comprises three double bedrooms, a ‘utility’ room, two bathrooms, and an open-plan living and kitchen area. 

Ebbe’s architecture pairs with the refined interior design of Julie Cloos Mølsgaard to highlight the striking exterior landscape from within. The guesthouse is walled with large floor-to-ceiling windows, and the interiors – down to the linen – are designed to retain a feeling of serenity while drawing attention to the beauty of the ever-present national park.

The focal point of the house is the Vipp V3 kitchen. “Centrally positioning Vipp’s V3 metal kitchen as the anchor point in the main space proved vital,” Julie says. “It stands almost like an alter from where you can cook to the rhythm of the ocean.” The large metal island includes six units and features further storage in the shape of tall oak cabinets located behind it.

“I aimed to make the Vipp guesthouse in Cold Hawaii as tranquil and comfortable as possible, creating somewhere guests would want to stay longer and where they could simply relax surrounded by the untamed nature,” Julie affirms.

Vipp Pedal Bin

The ergonomic Vipp pedal bin in the kitchen. 

The colour palette and textures throughout are designed to cohere with the sandy planes outside. The numerous artworks around the house – selected from local and international artists – are intended to add a subtle, gallery-like feel to certain spaces. 

One feature of particular note is the ground floor bathroom curtain, which pairs the house’s sandy colour palette with the modern design’s refinement and intentionality. Constructed out of various similar tones of woven cotton and created by local textile designer Benthe Boesen, the screen mirrors the broader design of the house by creating privacy while allowing light to flood in and fill the space. 

Vipp 452 Swivel Chair
Vipp Pendant Light

The Vipp 452 Swivel chairs and pendant light in the light-filled dining area.

Vipp Floor Reading Lamp

The Vipp floor reading lamp in the living area. 

Vipp Floor Reading Lamp
Vipp Bath Module

The Vipp bath module in the ensuite. 

Two of the house’s three uniquely designed bedrooms feature specially made integrated bunk beds, for additional sleeping space. 

Vipp Pedal Bin
Vipp Bath Module

A space as rare as Vipp Cold Hawaii requires art to match.

The focus on transparency in the design of the house means that, from a distance, the interior seems almost to merge with the landscape behind it. 

The guesthouse backs onto the chill of the North Sea.

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