Design Covet | Wabi-Sabi-Inspired Bathrooms

  • We step inside seven bathrooms that follow the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. 

    First traced back to the 12th century, the Japanese lifestyle philosophy of wabi-sabi has resurfaced in present-day design, focused on finding beauty in imperfection, a connection with nature, minimalism and authenticity. While we’ve broadly explored wabi-sabi-inspired projects on est, we’re turning our attention to how wabi-sabi inspires a sense of calm and reprieve inside some of est’s best-loved bathroom spaces.

    Highgate House by House of Grey

    House of Grey designed the Highgate House bathroom following Salutogenic Design principles – recognising a physical environment’s impact on human health. Tadelakt walls and grainy, white-washed timber herringbone flooring also reflect a wabi-sabi aesthetic that prioritises natural, tactile finishes. Curvaceous features such as the organic bath also reflect the wabi-sabi ideology of beauty in imperfection.

    Villa RA by Morq

    Located in southern Italy, Villa RA immerses itself in the surrounding landscape. The minimalist bathroom space, free of accessories and distractions, frames views over the Gulf of Squillace on the Calabrian coast. The view dictates the bathroom experience – inferring wabi-sabi respect for nature, together with the bathroom’s simplicity.

    Camp Roig 31 by Durietz Design and Development

    Durietz Design carefully maintained the rich history of Camp Roig 31 and its raw and textural finishes, located on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Like the rest of the home, the bathroom nods to a slow way of living. Durietz Design ‘let the materials do the work,’ with walnut and Italian travertine in a dusty hue reflecting an appreciation for age-old craftsmanship.

    10am Penthouse by Studio Andrew Trotter

    Overlooking Athens’ ancient citadel, Acropolis, 10am Penthouse bathroom retains the authentic character of its industrial heritage. It features a custom concrete stand-alone bath and sink, together with a shower room on black stone floors depictive of Athens.

    10am Penthouse by Studio Andrew Trotter
    Villa Vora by K-Studio

    Villa Vora by K-Studio

    K-Studio’s Villa Vora is a cave-like boutique villa in Santorini, Greece, carved into the volcanic rock it sits upon. The bathroom reflects a wabi-sabi approach to design with its soft curves and honest material palette, which help to create a calm atmosphere.

    Bellevue Hill Home by CM Studio

    One of four bathrooms in CM Studio’s Bellevue Hill Home, this space hones a grounding wabi-sabi interior palette through the tadelakt moulded plaster and herringbone terracotta tiles. Antique-style louvres invite the parklike gardens inside to make the bathroom a soothing sanctuary.

    Casa Cook Kos by Annabell Kutucu

    Rustic and laid back, Casa Cook Kos is a boutique hotel that embraces the natural materials of the Greek islands. Annabell Kutucu ensured a sense of escapism in the bathroom through details handcrafted by local artisans, including the custom sink and earthen walls.

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