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  • Bellows House By Architects EAT

    From The Hamptons to the Italian countryside, we’re exploring the simple pleasure of an outdoor shower.

    While outdoor showers are most commonly associated with beach houses – cooling off on a hot day, rinsing sandy feet, washing salty hair – the yearning to retreat into nature during the warmer months is universal, leading to their appearance in the countryside and large cities. Regardless of the location, an outdoor shower celebrates nature’s influence on our well-being.

    Photography by Eric Petschek

    Bridgehampton Beach House by Steven Harris Architects & Rees Roberts + Partners

    In The Hamptons, Steven Harris Architects and Rees Roberts + Partners have designed a sculptural oceanfront home that encourages total immersion in the coastal landscape. As evidence of this intent, a spacious outdoor shower clad in blue and white marble, like the ocean, lies tucked away behind a tall hedge and large timber doors.

    Bellows House by Architects EAT

    This home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, designed by Architects EAT, is marked by an obscure facade of cut-out concrete bricks and pyramid-like structures. Within these robust shapes lie not one but two outdoor showers, making it the preferred post-beach hang-out spot for family and friends.

    Photography by Derek Swalwell

    Photography by Laure Joliet

    Victoria Residence by Electric Bowery

    Upon entering this Los Angeles home designed by Electric Bowery, one could assume they’ve stepped into a wellness retreat. The alfresco shower, nestled in lush gardens and encased by sand-toned travertine walls, offers a secluded sanctuary to escape the Californian heat.

    Borgo Gallana by Studio Andrew Trotter

    Studio Andrew Trotter have designed a boutique hotel that sits quietly among the olive trees in Puglia’s countryside. Each guest house boasts its own private outdoor masonry bath and shower – a feature destined for frequent use in the height of the European summer.

    Borgo Gallana by Studio Andrew Trotter

    Photography by Salva López

    Photography by Prue Ruscoe

    Woorak House by CM Studio

    For this oceanfront home in Sydney’s Palm Beach, CM Studio chose a palette of calming whites and neutral tones to craft a sense of sanctuary. The outdoor shower, characterised by a curved white wall and corresponding shower rose, offers a serene open-air bathing experience.  

    Bermagui Beach House by Winter Architecture

    Winter Architecture unveiled a tranquil beach house in Sydney’s Bermagui that is both sensitive and hard-wearing, courtesy of a tactile material palette of masonry and timber. Attached to the ocean-facing side of the house, an outdoor shower stands as an opportunity to rinse, unwind and contemplate the beauty of nature.

    Bermagui Beach House by Winter Architecture

    Photography by Jack Mounsey

    Alexander House by Alexander &Co

    Photography by Anson Smart

    Alexander House by Alexander &CO.

    Alexander House, the home of Sydney-based architects Alexander &CO., was designed in alignment with the studio’s valuing of personal well-being in the workplace. The space features many wellness amenities, including an indoor steam shower, outdoor shower, ice bath and pool. 

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