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  • Too often than not, technology overwhelms interior aesthetic.  While there’s definitely been days when all we crave is to crash out on the couch with our good friend Netflix, gadgets and appliances invade our personal space constantly, from the expanding television screens to the proliferation of handheld devices that are seemingly joined at the hip to younger members of the family unit.

    As technology permeates more of our lifestyle, the upside is that thankfully some of the appliances are beginning to hold their own in a design space. From statement pieces to clever connected devices, here are nine tech objects that subtly blend with an existing home aesthetic.


    If you’re going to invest in the ultra 4K television, this Bang & Olufsen version is the least obnoxious way to do it. Able to be placed on a stand, on the floor or installed on the wall the thin aluminium frame and square shape is distinct yet unobtrusive. The  oak wood lamellas add warm texture to the panel, while anti-reflection coated glass gives a sleek veneer to the surface at all times.


    Keep track of who is coming and going in your house on camera. This clever little object is actually an indoor security camera that uses face recognition technology to register and alert you to familiar faces arriving home (eg: children, elderly parents)  or when there’s a stranger. With a simple, unassuming design, it won’t stand out in your space.



    This sleek stainless steel edition from Smeg is both practical and beautiful, combining a finger-print proof exterior and LED touch display with a classic, simple style.


    Sonos make wireless speakers for the Spotify crowd – the kind that can be easily transported, match up to music devices (and the WiFi) with ease and don’t take up much space. While all three of their signature speakers hold up, we think the smallest style still hits the right volume.


     Think a thermostat is just about the most boring purchase you could make? Nest have dominated the Connected Home market with this digital thermostat that learns from your routines to automatically program your home’s temperature. Choose from materials like copper and stainless steel or go for a simple white frame to match your space.


    This elegant Bruce Rowe design for Rakumba marries old-school pottery techniques with 3D printing to deliver a classic yet innovative wall light. The state-of-the-art LED lighting technology is only surpassed by the warm, tactile style, characteristic of Rowe’s design approach.
    Potter DS Wall Light Rakumba


    The next frontier in connected devices is the advent of the virtual home ‘Assistant’. Released in late 2016, Google Home will help you control all the home elements (lighting, tv, etc) so you can maximise your downtime. And if you’re not a fan of the white on white style, the base is fully customisable to match any palette or pattern.

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