Dean Street by nune, Frances Mildred & Branca & Co.

  • Dean Street by nune

    nune tie the knot between modern and classic design in their revival of a historic townhouse in Brooklyn, New York.

    Dean Street was born from a collaboration between three like-minded designers; New York and London based interior design studio, nune, New York-based residential development firm Branca & Co., and New York-based architects Frances Mildred. Set among the brownstones and tree-lined streets of Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill neighbourhood, the house offered the ideal heritage cast for a gut renovation. As a result, the home’s reinstated interior has been married to its revived exterior; retaining and accentuating its 20th-century character while embracing a newfound sense of modernity.

    Dean Street by nune

    The use of bold natural stone elevates the bespoke kitchen space.

    Originally built in 1915, Dean Street is a product of its time and its neighbourhood. Boerum Hill was developed in the mid-1800s as a neighbourhood largely dedicated to middle to upper-middle-class families and working professionals. Still, it manages to emulate the atmosphere of 19th or 20th century New York City while establishing a laid-back modern feel, a time capsule of sorts, with contemporary liveability. The neighbourhood also comprises some of the city’s most well-preserved brownstone houses, Dean Street being one of them.

    The interior underwent a complete renovation. The final result mirrors the client’s desire for a home that felt more present and refined, but not so much that it felt out of touch with its past. The home’s modern, pared-back aesthetic places it in today’s world, but subtle nuances in furniture and detailings conjure a world gone by. 

    Dean Street by nune

    Natural light is a constant throughout the home, lifting and brightening each space.

    Dean Street by nune

    An understated colour palette – muted greys contrasted against midnight blues and sharp whites – breathes softness and warmth into the home, which, as Sheena mentions, became the two guiding principles for its overall aesthetic. Limestone edges, curved corners and herringbone floors help achieve this feeling, as does the home’s connection to the outdoors. Each space is saturated in natural light, and the balcony is enclosed by one of New York’s anomalies: trees.

    The collective philosophies of nune, Branca & Co. and Frances Mildred helped bring Dean Street to life. nune are driven by the interconnection between interior design and individual well-being; “we work as a collaborative team with our clients, architects, construction team, craftspeople, artists and designers to create environments that allow their inhabitants to feel good.” Frances Mildred similarly values collaboration and deliberation, while Branca & Co. hold functionality and integrity above all else. The team was able to build a high level of trust over the project due to the alignment of their core beliefs.

    Dean Street balances historic charm with contemporary appeal. It is the ideal home for a young family to immerse themselves in city life while still enjoying a sense of escape and tranquillity. 

    Dean Street by nune

    The home is divided into two seperate units, each with three bedrooms and access to outdoor space.

    Dean Street by nune
    Dean Street by nune
    Dean Street by nune

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