Darlinghurst Apartment by Hecker Guthrie

  • Set in its subtle surrounds, Darlinghurst Apartment is a study of a considered and curated life. Hecker Guthrie combine a celebration of craft with nods to the industrial, to create curious unexpected moments.

    Located in Sydney’s inner urban locale of Darlinghurst, the same-named apartment sees a relaxing recluse carved as a respite from its bustling neighbourhood. Hecker Guthrie bring refined detailing and a sense of the timeless, to propose an enduring aesthetic. Transforming the apartment’s previous and tired life, the space is filled with natural light and articulated to maximise the connection between inside and out; an encouraging of the essence of Sydney life ( the sun) reaching far into each internal junction.

    The open galley kitchen space connects to the dining and living spaces, dotted with objects from The Provider Store and plants by The Plant Society.

    Drawing on the client’s collection of collected artwork and object, the custom integrated joinery sets the stage for the owner’s storied life to unfold. A lover of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, the resulting apartment draws from a simplified and restrained palette, bringing a sense of the unexpected to create a home of restful moments. Through the visual connection between the living, kitchen and home office, an increased illusion of space is created, and privacy and separated function maintained. These clever planning interventions allow the home to function beyond the standard brief.

    The clear connection and celebration of the craftsperson is evident throughout, expressing honesty in the same considerate way as every other element of this apartment. The rethinking of the kitchen as a sculptural and connective element informed the timber and glass screens that propose a joinery language throughout. The concealed storage elements then add a counterbalance to the open elements and allow the ancillary and supportive elements to be hidden.

    Darlinghurst Apartment sees muted greys and light-coloured oak timber sit next to one another in harmony, complementing the relaxed and indulgent feeling of the apartment. Bold terrazzo and natural stone then balance the rhythm of the handmade ceramic tiles and brass fixtures.

    Furniture throughout acts as both sculpture, artwork and function, adding a sense of personality in each zone. Through the integration of architectural track lighting throughout, Hecker Guthrie have brought together a series of subtle and rich layers to create a compact but generous home.

    The bedroom features a handmade wall light from Anchor Ceramics.

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