Customised Bathroom Classics from Rogerseller & Claybrook

    • With the iconic British bathroom brand launching in Australia exclusively with Rogerseller, we explore how craftsmanship and customisation define the first collection.

      Just as Leonardo da Vinci said all those years ago, simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication. Perhaps it’s because simplicity is harder to achieve than clutter; reducing something to its purest form takes time, care and craftsmanship. As a brand respected for their streamlined and sophisticated collections, Rogerseller know the power of timeless simplicity well – so who better to bring renowned British bathroom brand Claybrook to Australian shores for the first time?

      We took a closer look into the unique craftsmanship behind every Claybrook product, and the unique customisations made for its Australian brand debut.

      Touch Basin by Claybrook at Rogerseller

      Founded over 30 years ago, Claybrook has established itself as a global leader of stone craftsmanship, particularly bathroom products. The family business puts timelessness squarely at the centre of its approach, from taking its name from the “timeless elegance” of a great grandmother’s South African home to choosing materials that are both technically and aesthetically enduring.

      “Whether you are interested in a simple organic form or a more traditional reworked roll top bath, our products do not date” says Emily Green, Claybrook Marketing Director. Describing Claybrook’s bathware as “a marriage of technical excellence with a truly natural touch and feel”, Green says the brand’s success has been driven by a continual focus on the beauty of the raw material.

      The emphasis on materiality was what first sparked the idea for MarbleForm, the pioneering material behind the Claybrook bathware collection. Green explained more of the behind-the-scenes story for Rogerselller’s Partner Stories series. “We were generating a large quantity of stone dust and were paying for it to be ethically disposed of. It occurred to us that we could use this by-product to produce moulded stone ranges with all the beauty of natural marble but the enhanced technical properties of an engineered product” said Green on how MarbleForm was born.

      With timeless design and hardworking materials, Claybrook’s bathware collection was a natural fit for the Australian lifestyle – but Rogerseller had some ideas to elevate it even further. To enhance the organic shapes of the Ellipse and Skye baths, Rogerseller took the edge from the standard, flat 30mm to a tapered 20mm edge. Rogerseller Group Manager of Design Jo Jackson said being able to work closely with Claybrook to add these local customisations was a great opportunity “push the boundaries of the manufacturing process and the Marbleform material”, in a way that reflected the local market’s desired for these unique features.

      Bringing the customised Claybrook designs to life was a relatively simple process thanks to both Rogerseller and Claybrook’s in-house design and product engineer teams. “We knew that our clients prefer lighter, refined detailing and Claybrook knew how to engineer our designs for the manufacturing process, having thirty years experience!” says Jackson. The finished collection encompasses eleven soft, light and oh-so-smooth pieces to suit almost any bathroom space.

      The Skye Bath & Basin by Claybrook
      The Ellipse Bath by Claybrook

      While the two brands might be uniting from opposite sides of the globe, it’s clear to us here at est that they share a commitment to timeless, eco-friendly and handcrafted design. “We focus on things that are important to the Australian design community and consumer, such as the quality, environment and design” says Green. It’s a statement Rogerseller echo with respect to their new brand partners. “By incorporating Claybrook’s bathware into your home, you are making a lasting investment in quality” Jackson says. 

      Suffice to say this partnership is a match made in heaven – and an even better outcome for design-discerning Australians. We have a pretty good feeling we’ll be seeing many a Claybrook piece across local homes in the near future, continuing to prove the enduring sophistication of simplicity.

      Explore the full Claybrook collection through Rogerseller here or learn more about the brand with their Partner Story.

      The Skye Bath & Basin in ‘Fog’ by Claybrook at Rogerseller

      Claybrook stands for everything that both Rogerseller and our clients are looking for which reflects the Australian lifestyle – a timeless design aesthetic, eco-friendly, created and hand finished by skilled artisans.”

      – Jo Jackson, Rogerseller

      Natural finish by Claybrook
      Evolve Basin by Claybrook at Rogerseller

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