Crafting a Legacy of Luxury with Armadillo

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Felix Forest, Joe Schmelzer, Sharyn Cairns
  • STYLING Louisa Grey, Claire Delmar, Gena Sigala, Tamara Maynes.
  • Armadillo is crafting a legacy of luxury through a range of handwoven rugs in a sublime array of nature-inspired hues designed to evoke an emotional connection to your surrounds.

    A hand-sewn wool pea coat and bonnet worn by her mother as a small child, still in immaculate condition all these years later, is the very keepsake that Armadillo‘s co-founder and creative director, Jodie Fried, credits as the inspiration behind the floor coverings empire that now stands today.

    “In a way, my love for textiles can be traced back to this simple garment – the beautiful natural fibres, impeccable craftsmanship and hand-finished detailing are elements that I now try to encapsulate in each Armadillo rug.” explains Jodie.

    Integral to the success of any design scheme is ensuring a solid foundation upon which to build. To then create an environment that imbues a sense of luxurious style with longevity, it would make sense to pay careful attention to the ground and flooring selection in order to establish the tone of a room. This is where Armadillo’s Heirloom Collection of sumptuously hued handwoven rugs evokes a sense of luxury that is inextricably interwoven with the creative director’s own design ethos.

    When pressed to define the essence of true luxury, Jodie explains, “To me, luxury denotes a sense of ease and stillness. Many of us are fortunate enough to experience a level of general comfort, but true luxury is understated and effortless.”

    From muted, tonal shades to rich, vibrant and saturated colours, the four covetable ranges that create Armadillo’s Heirloom Collection of rugs effectively encapsulate a range of moods within any designed environment. We take an inside look at the Egyptian, Agra, Paragon and Persian collections and the way in which each inherently imbues a room with a sense of refined and timeless style – and will continue to do so for generations.

    Produced in partnership with Armadillo.


    Creating a treasure box of sorts in rich, deep shades for the Egyptian collection, Fried sought inspiration from botanicals in opulent purples and rich warm reds such as the Cordyline, Black Adder and Leucadendron Ebony, a series of bijoux shades that come to life and add visual drama when set against verdant, evergreen flora and fauna.

    In much the same way as nature provides both a backdrop and centre-stage presence when it comes to visual drama, the exquisitely plush Egyptian collection adds an undeniable sense of elegance to a room. With thanks to the unique combination of dye, fibre and construction that allows the jewel like tones to change ever so subtly with the light, this sophisticated palette of luxurious jute rugs suggests a mood of mystery and mercurial beauty.

    “We often begin with a vision or a colour reference but it is our dye masters who work meticulously with their powders and pigments, using recipes refined through years of experience to dial in to the perfect balance of tones and undertones.”


    – Jodie Fried, Creative Director of Armadillo


    Available in a combination of neutral shades and complex patterns, the Paragon collection has been designed to fit seamlessly into any design scheme. Working with artisans and weavers in India who share their rich heritage of hand-weaving techniques that have been passed down through the generations, each floor rug is infused with a rich history and creative spirit inherent to its maker.

    Featuring versatile hues, the Paragon collection of beautiful time-honoured pieces can either pack a punch and star as the focal point within a room, or simply be pared back to play a more subdued role as a tonal backdrop to other feature players within a design concept. Crafted from sustainable, natural, abrash dyed wool in colours of Birch, Sepia and Shadow and punctuated by dark Flint and dusty Primrose, these understated tones maintain a quiet energy that can enliven the room depending on the spacial ambience.


    Drawing from nature’s colour palette of organic neutrals to verdant greens and blues, blooming pinks and show-stopping mustard, the Agra collection of rich, oplulent tones enliven a room by adding life and elegant character in an timeless way.

    Exacting the perfect shade of ochre for the Agra rug in Byzantine took a great deal of time and patience for the Armadillo team and their dye masters. “What you find in our ranges are hues that can’t be found straight out of a box”, explains Fried.

    “Our Agra rug in Byzantine came about because we couldn’t find the perfect shade of ochre; what was out there was either too bright or too dark.” Finessing the perfect shade took many attempts in not only the hand-dyeing process but also the sun drying of the yarns to achieve the lavish, vibrant and warm tones that exude a soulful sense of energy.


    Influenced by the iridescent beauty of nature and aged metals, the Persian collection is made from pure wool to give an incredibly soft feel underfoot while adding a subdued injection of colour that can transform a space without overwhelming it. Subtle variations in the woven hues ensure the intricately detailed rugs anchor a room and allow other details within the space to sing.

    Forming the perfect textural backdrop, the tonal colour palette of blues, greys, greens and silver in the Persian collection exudes a sense of calm and respite and work beautifully to both anchor a room and instil an order and peace.

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