Cove Hollow House by Architecture Outfit

  • Carefully placed across its generous site in East Hampton, New York, Cove Hollow House nestles into its landscaped surrounds. Architecture Outfit draw from the area’s traditional rural vernacular to curate a series of structures, all bound through a common expression and materiality.

    As a fusing of old and new, Cove Hollow House brings an existing heritage farmhouse to the site and arranges a series of supplementary structures around a central open landscaped area. The binding of time and space allows the older detailing and handmade features to sit alongside the new, harmoniously balancing one another.

    Cool tones connect the textiles throughout the home, contrasted against the calming neutral tones – the foundation of the interiors.

    Connected through the use of local timber and makers, each of the structures feels as though they are born from the same core, yet subtly different. The arrangement takes inspiration from an agricultural setting, continuing the narrative of the original farmhouse. The addition of a contemporary home, a pool house and a framed landscape area all work to structure amenity across the site, creating an open, shared central area.

    In separating the buildings there is a deliberate need to engage with the landscape throughout the day and across the seasons. As the landscape changes, that interaction with the natural elements is also expected to change, altering the experience of the home. While the farmhouse bookmarks the entry corner of the site, the other new insertions are almost unexpected, revealing themselves once across the initial threshold into the home.

    The open living area sits nestled between the more formal open landscape and an organic and more natural garden to the outer side of the home. Expressing an embrace of place, extensive glazing acts as a constant reminder of the natural surroundings, framing apertures throughout the home and bringing nature in.

    While the original farmhouse has its own presence on the site, as an identifier from the streetscape, the other supplementary buildings have their own unique character. A common thread between them is the use of timber and their shared silhouettes. The development takes place across a 2-acre site and sees 930sqm of newly built elements sit alongside 185sqm of renovation works. Cove Hollow House beautifully reinterprets the modern farmhouse as a calming retreat, seeing Architecture Outfit craft an immersive escape in the process.

    A minimal and simplistic approach anchors the architecture in its setting, with thinly framed openings to avoid distractions from within, and out of the site. Moroccan rugs are featured throughout the home. Lamp by Gae Aulenti.

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