Courtyard Warehouse by Josephine Hurley Architecture

  • Josephine Hurley Architecture sensitively revive a century-old former trouser factory in a hidden alleyway in Sydney’s inner west.

    Built in 1909, this brick home was in need of a significant refresh after an incohesive renovation by the previous owners. Although the core elements of the building’s structure and heritage details were in good condition, the home lacked adequate thermal qualities, natural light and a unified floorplan.

    Seeing the potential in the run-down building after purchasing the home in 2011, the clients enlisted in the help of Josephine Hurley Architecture to redesign the private residence into a family-friendly home, without sacrificing on sophistication.

    The open dining and living space features the Knoll Platner Armchair.

    Director Josephine Hurley says a large portion of this project centred around getting the basics right. “All of the things that we take for granted and as a given in ‘new builds’ were readdressed,” Josephine says. Extra attention was paid to carefully restoring the bones of the home, which were showing their age. “A lot of time, effort and budget was invested in things that you don’t even see in the Courtyard Warehouse,” she says. “Rectifying shifting brickwork and a sinking courtyard and replacing a leaking roof were vital before investing in the interiors.”

    Stained glass windows, 5.6m high ceilings and decorative columns make up the warehouse, centred around a generous internal courtyard. “The courtyard was originally cut off from the internal spaces with small French doors being the only connection”, Josephine says, who has since replaced these doors with expansive steel-framed doors and windows.

    The System 1-2-3 Lounge Chair for Verpan and the Pulpo Bent Floor Lamp, designed by Sebastian Herkner in the sun-lit living room.

    The Neva Dining Chair for Artisan features in the hallway.

    The dining room features a timber dining table designed by Mark Tuckey, the Shaker Dining Chair for De La Espada and the Neva Dining Chair for Artisan.

    Separated from the communal hub of the home, this formal living room features the Arc Floor Lamp for Le Klint and the Innate Side Table designed by Jon Goulder.

    The design focuses on enhancing the home’s core structure, with sympathetic references to the building’s previous era. White v-groove joinery is repeated in multiple rooms throughout the house, while in the living and dining area, the ornate fireplace was replaced with a contemporary marble fireplace, surrounded by streamlined wall-panelling.

    Josephine Hurley Architecture has brought a sense of luxury into the living room, with a mohair rug and curated selection of furnishings including a sofa for BoConcept, the System 1-2-3 Lounge Chair for Verpan, Innate Side Table designed by Jon Goulder, Knoll Platner Armchair and the Pulpo Bent Floor Lamp by Sebastian Herkner.

    A sliding barn door easily conceals the study nook when required. Pieces in this space are the Newson Aluminium Chair for Knoll and the Pantop Table Lamp for Verpan.

    An upholstered Thonet Lehstuhl Chair features in the hallway.

    Barn doors and curtains act as provisional doorways in the formal living room, study nook and bedrooms to retain the openness of the home. Upstairs, the loft houses three bedrooms under a pitched-roof, providing views of the open courtyard. Inspired by the existing textures and colours found on-site, homage is paid to the home’s feature glass windows. This is evident in the deep gem-coloured tones of the bathroom. Gold tapware and matt-black door fixtures also demonstrate the connection between old and new.

    “Being a warehouse conversion, the project is not only sustainable, but it’s also recycled and full of character,” Josephine says. Unassuming from street view, the eclectic home now breathes new life thanks to Josephine Hurley Architecture, without compromising of any of its original charm. 

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