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    The manufacturers of our number one garbage can choice, Vipp, have put their 75 years worth of experience in steel processing to good use for the benefit of our own wellbeing by developing a new way for us to escape the urban chaos in which we live.

    Recently launched, the Vipp Shelter redefines contained living as we thought we once knew it by turning on its head the concept of ‘being at one with nature’ while living in a small space. This newly designed, 55m2 all-inclusive nature retreat has been developed as a two-level getaway that comes fully equipped with Vipp products, naturally.

    The bathroom and loft bed are separated from the main open plan living area which has been walled in on two sides by floor to ceiling glass windows, allowing nature to take centre stage. The glass ceiling in the loft bed ensures endless hours of star gazing and if the bright lights above are too blinding, retractable blinds keep the light, and the weather, out.

    Sophisticated and sleek in charcoal and grey, this prefabricated steel structure gives an industrial edge that surprisingly sits so beautifully within the countryside landscape. The Vipp Shelter certainly beats shipping container living each and every day of the week.

    For some more Vipp product love in a home you may recall Vipp designer Morten Bo Jensen’s Vipp-filled home and that fabulous kitchen when we featured it here.











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