Concert Hall House by Pandolfini Architects

  • Situated on a strip of sought-after terrace homes, Concert Hall House is a highly personalised home for a client with a passion for music. Reminiscent of grand music halls, the compact two-bedroom home is separated into three proportioned levels, with the inclusion of a piano room and listening room.

    With the space limitations of an inner-city site at hand, Pandolfini Architects have respected the building’s heritage context while injecting thoughtfully-curated interior applications. 

    A full home restoration was required to transform this run-down terrace. While the original facade of the home remains untouched, the rear saw a complete re-work, with the addition of a pitched-concrete structure. Double-skin, insulated concrete walls form this new addition, providing superior thermal qualities and heat deflection. Although modern, the extension responds to the scale and nature of it’s neighbourhood, reminiscent of a pitched roof.

    The layout of the home has been carefully considered to provide an optimal listening experience for the client. A full-height wall of folded aluminium panels in the living room plays home to the client’s extensive music collection, atop a built-in concrete storage plinth. On the ground floor, a unique pod conceals the staircase, making it barely visible from the home’s entrance, segregating the piano and listening room from the communal areas.

    A skylight spans the entire width of the house, saturating the home in natural light. Compact yet efficient, the single-bench kitchen utilises maximum storage through overhead shelving and cabinetry walls, making for an intimate, functional space.

    A subtle spectrum of grey and white in the bathroom echoes the home’s exterior. Modern curved cabinetry and a tiled bath hob juxtapose gently with the ribbed glass and profiled doors, creating undisturbed contrast between old and new elements. Simplicity is key in the bedrooms, with creamy whitewashed walls and relaxed bedlinen.

    Pandolfini Architects’ expert design and craftsmanship form a unique and responsive home to the client’s musical brief, realised through fluidity, muted colours and structural diversity.

    The bathroom features the Fizi Ball Sconce, designed by Nicci Green for Articolo and the Halo Wall Set for Brodware.

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