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  • Give Studio Tate a space and they’ll give you a concept with personality and style – whether a small residential home or large commercial undertaking, their designs are inviting yet chic. As the new headquarters for property development firm PDG, their latest project definitely sits on the bigger side of their portfolio – but we’re impressed by the amount of soul that’s been packed into what would be classified as a ‘corporate’ space.

    DESIGN Studio Tate | PHOTOGRAPHY Peter Clarke

    Alex Hopkins, Principal Interior Designer for Studio Tate explains the inspiration for the design led to the refined luxury of the new PDG headquarters. “We develop a design concept or brain story for our projects – in this instance the concept was based on the tailored suit made by the traditional European tailor”. The concept was also influenced by PDG being a family run business, one that instills a sense of comfort and warmth in their employee’s experience – and that needed to be reflected in the design. Symbolising both company history and contemporary culture, the tailor concept manifested in the focus on quality and craftsmanship through architectural details. 

    While the hexagonal shape of the building presented some challenges, the layout emphasises comfortable spaces that energise those using it. “We strived to achieve a workplace that referenced a luxurious home, and to emulate the comforts of home for PDG staff” says Alex Hopkins, and indeed some of the standout features – including the light and bright staff breakout space, the large reception and waiting area (with a coffee bar, no less!), moveable plant screens to segment spaces and the decadent bathrooms that wouldn’t seem out of place in a five star hotel.

    Materials were chosen to reflect the tailor concept in a subtle manner, beginning with the curved walnut timber veneer walls and glass finishes that create a mid century aesthetic, while slab stone trim and custom steel and stone handles reflect contemporary influences. While much of the space is sleek and refined, warming finishes like the brass accents, grey leather inlay to joinery and walnut timber veneer ensure that style never compromises soul. We only have one question – is there a hot desk available?

    Unique features of the space include the brass inlay to stone wall, steel and stone handles in front of house areas, and of course the curved timber veneer walls and glass finishes to create clear paths of circulation.

    Attention to craftsmanship extends down to the smallest details, like the instantly-recognisable Aalto vase from Ittala or the slab stone trim on the perimeter of the walls in CEO Vince’s office and boardroom.

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  1. Okay… I’m in Loooooovvvvveee!!!!

    The office with the black slats on the ceiling, and the columns of plants streaming down the window… nurturing, streamlined, inviting, focused, and beautiful. LOVE. This is my inspiration for my office that I’m creating in one half of a large walk in bathroom. Crossing my fingers I can pull this off!

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