No. 19 Café

  • It seems like only yesterday we were admiring the playful style of Richmond’s Kitty Burns cafe and now local Melbourne design studio Biasol have unveiled another elegant dining spot, this time heading north of the river to Ascot Vale. In designing No. 19, the second venue from husband and wife team Domenic and Diana Caruso (previously of Rose St cafe in Essendon), Biasol have developed a sophisticated concept that spans both the physical space and comprehensive branding.

    The interior design elevates the casual cafe experience with a sense of elegance, subtly paying homage to the Greek delicatessens that sprung up throughout Melbourne in the 1950s. Timber-topped tables with banquette seating and upholstery add to the deli aesthetic, while modern elements such as concrete benches, lightweight steel framing and built-in lighting enhance the pared-back mood of the space.

    True to the vision of not just a space but a brand, all the details have been thoughtfully integrated to the design, from the Afteroom high stools from Menu that take in the open kitchen views to the menu, coasters, deli paper and crockery help tell the story of No. 19 and add flourishes to the dining experience. With this integrated approach, Biasol have again shown their ability to deliver dynamic additions to Melbourne’s much-loved café culture.

    DESIGN Biasol | PHOTOGRAPHY Ari Hatzis

    “The minimalist concrete surfaces give the interiors an elegant and sophisticated feel, offset by a vibrant colour palette, beautiful upholstery and a little greenery to make it feel welcoming.” – Jean-Pierre Biasol

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