Cleveland & Co by Infinite Design

  • A Pied A Terre such as this deserves an extra week’s stay – in fact, it could be a place to come home to every day of the week. Located in the former Demco machinery company building on Cleveland street in Sydney, Infinite Design Studio has masterfully integrated the Art Deco origins of the property with the steely coolness of industrial inspired architecture.

    Demco is a fusion of two buildings into one – the front end makes up for the warehouse section which was built during the Victorian era guaranteeing more elaborate detailing in its interiors. The second is a modern interwar functionalist building added in 1938. Cleveland & Co residence, is located in this particular lot. “We wanted to celebrate the industrial edge and art deco history of the property, yet create a sophisticated home,” says Michelle Macarounas, Principal and lead designer of Infinite Design Studio. Taking advantage of the non-assuming and precise dimensions of what could only be offered from a warehouse, Michelle added warmth, texture and drama through a fine selection of what we’d like to dub ‘European Eclectica’.

    A monochromatic palette conveniently creates both drama and balance thanks to its bold yet understated colour way. Canvas white walls play a supporting role to the intermittent touches of black offered by chairs, lighting and interior details. Statement photography leads the way in personality, only to have found its match by the charm of the 1940’s French stage lamp which looks very much at home in its new, contemporary setting.

    Light is in abundance with the very coveted (and often copied) grid windows that are synonymous with warehouses of this sort. Calacatta Viola marble adorns the kitchen and bathroom counter tops, adding further emphasis on the luxurious European touch that formed the grains of inspiration for its décor and design.

    Heading upstairs, you will find a rooftop sitting area complete with private views of the surrounding suburbs and the CBD in the distance. Greenery in abundance and the gorgeous citrus tree in the middle of the area provides the inner sanctum of peace we’re sure this property provides for the owners. As somewhere that is enjoyed so briefly for its comfort and refuge, its sense of newness will never get old. In fact for us, Cleveland & Co almost seems too good to leave behind.

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