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  • Two connecting apartments in Antwerp’s city centre affirm Dries De Malsche’s natural hand at minimalist design.

    Dries De Malsche is a Belgian interior designer based in the city of Sint-Niklaas, southwest of Antwerp, whose investment in art, design and craftsmanship culminates in a portfolio of unordained yet exceptionally detailed interiors. The designer’s latest pursuit takes the form of two connecting apartments in the city centre of Antwerp belonging to a pair of tight-knit siblings; City Apartment FG and City Apartment AG. While both apartments revolve around a calm and fluent design scheme, subtle material and tonal variations ensure they stand out from each other.

    City Apartment FG features warm shades of pink, brushed travertine and dark-coloured oak.

    Dries approached each apartment with the specific sibling in mind, leading to spaces that reflect their commonalities and differences. FG, for example, features warm shades of pink, mixed in with brushed travertine and dark-coloured oak, while AG features cool shades of blue, mixed in with a more outspoken marble and natural-coloured oak, uniform yet beautifully nuanced.

    Furnishings such as Carl Hansen + Son chairs, sculptural side tables and cosy lighting impart a sense of being far from the city, even though it is only a few floors below. Classic wall frames reference the historic character of the building, reaffirming the context in each space. Curved edges, like the pink step in FG and the dining table in AG, reinforce the beauty and solidity of the materials used.

    Each design choice builds up to a pair of timeless apartments in one of the world’s most timeless cities, each with its own identity but a collective DNA.

    City Apartment FG

    The Saba Italia Pixel sofa pictured in City Apartment FG.

    The City Apartment FG dining space features the Carl Hansen & Son CH20 Elbow chair and B&B Italia Tobi-Ishi table.

    City Apartment FG

    A New Works lantern in the City Apartment FG bedroom.

    City Apartment FG

    City Apartment AG features cool shades of blue, marble and natural-coloured oak. Pictured: the GUBI Pacha lounge chair and &Tradition Formakami JH3 and JH5 pendant lights.

    City Apartment AG

    City Apartment AG

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