Exploring Finishing Touches with Interior Stylist Charlotte Pittella

  • This home in Melbourne’s peaceful, bayside location of Brighton is anything but quiet. Interior stylist Charlotte Pittella walks us through her decorative details when selecting the final furniture and furnishings for this theatrical home.

    Reflecting the client’s playful personality and love for entertaining demanded an equally unique home. Melbourne-based interior stylist Charlotte Pittella has a passion for layering. Through this kaleidoscopic lens, she applied her signature masterstroke of bold colours, unique textures, and sculptural forms – all to maximum effect.

    Charlotte has brought the communal spaces of this Brighton Home to life with a design that balances bold moments alongside hero furniture pieces and expressive, sculptural art. Rich with personality and vibrancy, the kitchen, living, and dining spaces exhibit furniture, art and furnishings that capture an eclectic and contemporary aesthetic.

    We sat down with Charlotte to talk through her ‘high style’ inspiration behind the decorative styling of this colourful home and why she makes a compelling case for colour and contemporary European furniture.

    Produced in partnership with DOMO Collections

    What were your key considerations surrounding your client’s brief?

    Charlotte Pittella: The clients brief was ‘colour, colour, colour’. This is the aspect of design I most enjoy working with, so it was a very exciting project to be working on, to have permission from the client from the outset to create something bold and unique. It was also a family home, so functionality and practicality also played a considerable part in the design and furniture selection. It was about striking a balance between high-end design and liveability.

    What was the underlying look or feel that informed the interior styling of the kitchen, dining and living spaces?

    Charlotte Pittella: Ultimately, I wanted the space to reflect the clients’ personality – to be playful and alive while still maintaining a sense of sophistication. The clients work in the film industry in Australia and LA. They have a dynamic social life that includes entertaining local and international guests, so the space needed to flow, feel open and make an impact.

    DOMO Collections’ pieces are the perfect balance between luxury, quality, comfort and practicality.


    Charlotte Pittella

    Can you talk through the inspiration behind the unique mix of materials, colours, textures, patterns, and shapes weaved throughout these spaces?

    Charlotte Pittella: When designing a space, I like to layer. It might start with a hero piece, and the other elements will be designed around that. It’s not something that comes about in one planning session. It’s an evolving process. I like to stretch the boundaries of my client and to help them uncover their unique tastes. Often I only know something is right when I see it or it presents itself to me. It’s as much about design principles as it is about trusting your instincts. I think you must be prepared to take some risks to create a space that is memorable and evokes emotion.

    Where did you seek inspiration from when crafting your vision for this home?

    Charlotte Pittella: I see inspiration everywhere, the wallpaper in a restaurant I visited, a journal I picked up – or the colour and texture of an amazing piece of clothing I’ve seen. I’m always drawn to eclectic spaces, which play with multiple materials and textures. And I love to see something unexpected where I think to myself – how did they come up with that? I love those moments. Those are the things that inspire me and make me want to continue improving my craft.

    The iconic Ligne Roset Plumy Sofa in a royal blue velvet makes a hero statement in the living space, while the Ligne Roset Alster coffee table is a classic centrepiece for Charlotte’s curation of Objet d’art.

    Can you list some of the DOMO Collections pieces used in these spaces and why?

    Charlotte Pittella: The Ligne Roset Plumy sofa from DOMO Collections is the perfect solution for the client that does not want to sacrifice comfort for style. It is fully customisable and comes in a stunning range of bold and beautifully textured fabrics. It is iconic and completely liveable and suited the young family’s needs as it can be opened into a chaise lounge position, making it perfect for relaxing.

    To me, the Pulpo Magma light is about form and functionality combined, not only serving the purpose of beautiful ambient lighting but the light itself is like a piece of art adding another element to the room. They really are a unique light.

    I love the scale of the Ligne Roset Alster coffee table. It’s larger than most, which ensures it’s both practical and relatively low to the ground, giving it a lovely design edge.

    Why are DOMO Collections’ pieces so complementary to the look you were trying to achieve in Brighton Home?

    Charlotte Pittella: I am a huge fan of European made furniture. It’s about experience, craftsmanship and quality. I need to specify furniture that is all these things but can be lived in. For me, DOMO Collections’ pieces are the perfect balance between luxury, quality, comfort and practicality.

    A curation of pieces creates a refined collection atop the Carrara marble of a Ligne Roset Alster coffee table.

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