Casa E by Marina Senabre

  • Casa E by Marina Senabre

    Discover a geometric retreat by Marina Senabre tucked into the countryside on the Spanish island of Menorca.

    Casa E by Marina Senabre represents a meeting place for contemporary and traditional architecture on the Balearic Islands. The two ivory geometric volumes may come as a surprise in the sprawling green hills of Menorca’s countryside. But they tap into an architectural language that is simple and modest; the overall intention for designer Marina Senabre. 

    Marina Senabre was asked to design a home for a client who was moving from Barcelona to Menorca. Making the move from the city, they wanted to feel connected to the landscape and enjoy this new serenity all year round. “Large openings fulfil this function of diluting the boundary between indoors and outdoors,” Marina says. 

    Marina designed a small gable structure and a rectangular prism that engage in a conversation of composition and aesthetics. These two structures work independently; the larger volume housing the kitchen, dining, living area and master suite. The other provides a space for guests to stay and an indoor pool; exactly the place to contemplate the Menorca countryside. They connect through a series of large openings and interior patios. 

    The designer explains Casa E was designed to feel part of the surrounds. “The contrast between the purity of the geometry and the sinuous nature that surrounds the house is very important; the architecture seems to settle on the landscape in a respectful way, integrating and standing out at the same time,” she says.

    Casa E by Marina Senabre
    Casa E by Marina Senabre
    Casa E by Marina Senabre

    Micro-cement wraps the bathroom walls, ensuring the antique marble sink feels right at home.

    The interior references this duality: minimalist and warm, with a restrained material palette. Traditional elements such as natural woodwork and micro-cement permeate the home, where Marina says there is no place for ornament – instead value in concept, proportion and simplicity. “The micro-cement (concrete) extends throughout the floor, and also covers the kitchen island as well as the bathroom walls and even the floor of the showers,” Marina says. While spare, the designer creates character through time-worn pieces such as antique marble sinks

    Marina reflects on the indoor pool as one of her favourite parts of the project. But she deems the kitchen the protagonist of the home, where neighbouring cows can be seen out the large square windows. “Without a doubt, they are the best neighbours that I can imagine,” she says.

    Casa E by Marina Senabre

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