Carthona House by Daniel Boddam Studio

  • Daniel Boddam Studio revitalise a Federation-era home in Mosman, New South Wales by adopting a complementary and contrasting approach.

    Carthona House is an extension of the heritage-listed home, offering a modern space that allows the home to breathe by welcoming light, tranquillity and comfort. While the original home retains its traditional style, the extension acts as a bold contrast through its striking blackened silhouette. The Daniel Boddam Studio team have intricately explored the idea of duality between old and new by combining a complementary and contrasting approach.

    The extension was designed to maximise the clients’ lifestyle, with every element speaking to the rituals of Australian living. Maintaining a sense of comfort was a priority, as well as embracing ease and flexibility conducive to family life.

    To achieve these, Daniel Boddam Studio sought to balance outdoor and indoor living by creating a new space that invited privacy and peace. The design inspiration for Carthona House stemmed from Brazilian modernist architecture — a style with which the client also had a deep connection.

    The contrast between old and new is defined by a narrow courtyard, allowing both spaces to breathe freely while still celebrating the unique elements that distinguish the two separately. “The extension has been designed as a crafted lantern,” Daniel says.

    The extension embodies warmth through handcrafted materials and charred timber cladding offset by honed marble and matte lacquered cabinetry. Regular openings allow the exterior spaces to spill into the interior, allowing natural sunlight to gently filter through and unify the entire area — similar to how light seamlessly flows in and out of a lantern.

    Artwork by Skye Jamieson

    The bathroom features the Eames Walnut Stool.

    A private sanctuary upstairs offers an additional retreat after a busy day, featuring operable Yakisugi charred screens that can be opened to invite beautiful city views and vibrant sunlight. The garage roof is finished with a pebbled succulent garden, enhancing the pleasant views from the master suite.

    Through an intricate balance between old and new, Daniel Boddam Studio created a home that celebrates approachability, warmth, stillness and repose in all of their glory.

    “The facades open and close as breathable skins allowing for sunlight or shadows, privacy or connection.”

    – Daniel Boddam

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