Carrical House by RMA

  • Huntingfield Rd by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors

    Classic and contemporary influences combine in transforming the historic 1930s Carrical House by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors into a modern family home.

    In the heart of Toorak, this classic estate provided the perfect base to draw inspiration from the past and create something new for the future. Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors preserve the integrity of this historic home with a bold contemporary style.

    The Carrical House retains much of the original architecture, preserving those elegant 1930’s details and highlighting raw materials to create a heritage feel throughout. In gently emphasizing these historic features, the design also pays homage to each space, curating an identity for each different room and its function. From the integration of modern technology technology in the kitchen to the elegant wood panelling hiding additional storage in the games room, each feature has been considered for functionality and aesthetic appeal.

    The client brief was to retain the standout features from the existing house while reimagining the home as a contemporary living space for the modern family, and its something Mills and his team have comprehensively explored in the architecture and interior design. They removed obsolete features such as an unused garage to increase space, replacing it with a new living area featuring plate glass doors to draw the garden spaces inside. And while careful attention has been paid to preserving the heritage of the building, there’s a sense of ease throughout the rooms with soft textures, natural light and bespoke design features breathing new life throughout.

    The striking blue colour palette brings an assured modernity to each space and creates a luxurious aesthetic – there’s something so bold and elegant about that indigo blue isn’t there? The signature colour is balanced by creamy white walls, timber and travertine floors and a carefully curated selection of artworks, rugs and ornaments that add personality to each corner.

    Beyond the blue palette, the materials themselves also alternate between classic and contemporary. Dark polished boards, plush carpets and earthy tiles provide a tactile feel underfoot, while steel features prominently throughout the window and door frames to create an easy modernity. Lighting features by Douglas and Bec and Michael Anastaasiades add further character, while linens and velvets further balance luxury and function across the home.

    It’s the bold personality of the interiors matched with the proud, classic exterior that truly shows the renaissance Mills and his team have undertaken for this home. Elegantly walking the line between refined and unexpected, functional and beautiful, it’s a space to admire and a place to come home to.

    This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue #22.

    Huntingfield Rd by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors
    Huntingfield Rd by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors

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