Canary Home Cushions

  • Est Magazine Canary Home Cusions Yellow Top 746x533

    If you’re looking to soften the ground beneath you when picnicing out in the fields, or looking for an ‘X Mark’s The Spot’ marker for little bottoms to perch themselves upon when watching tv (or equally handy for those ‘time out’ kind of situations for toddlers?!) our friends over in Perth at Canary Home have got your bases covered.

    With sturdy carry handles for easy moving and simple, bright motifs for a bit of visual punch, we think the Canary Home cushion is the perfect accessory for the backyard deck or the living room floor – or both.








2 thoughts on “Canary Home Cushions

  1. Hi … the Canary Home link to the website does not work … fabulous cushions but I can’t find where to purchase them, Canary Home doesn’t seem to exist … many thanks! Anna

  2. Hi Anna, the original post is a few years old and it looks like Canary Home might not exist anymore 🙁

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