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  • Faulkner Architects and Nicole Hollis take cues from the forest-covered mountains of California’s Nevada region to forge a contemporary cabin in the woods.

    The latest collaboration between San Francisco-based Faulkner Architects and interior designer Nicole Hollis lies deep within the woods of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Woven into all aspects of its design is the context in which it is built; the material palette is derived from the surrounding basalt boulders and century-old pine trees, while the build itself considers Nevada’s climate and proneness to fires.

    An island bench made of wire-brushed charred wood and Cambrian black granite anchors the kitchen. A butler’s pantry with oak drawers, cabinets, granite countertops, and steel shelves is tucked behind.

    “In our world today, so many buildings are driven purely by visual appearance,” Faulkner Architects founder Greg Faulkner says. These “collages for the eye”, he says, often ignore the context in which they are built, much to the detriment of those that live there. Refusing to go along with the status quo, Faulkner Architects approached CAMPout House with context front of mind.

    The home’s main living areas are housed within a highly insulated, fire-resistant concrete pavilion, which opens onto the valley on the south side. Tempered clerestory windows close the gap between the concrete walls and slanted steel roof, rendering the build, as a whole, indestructible. The underside of the steel roof has been clad in native cedar to echo the surrounding trees, while basalt floors were chosen to echo the rocky surface of the mountains.

    The main pavilion connects to a large central courtyard via glass sliding doors, which provide access to the bathrooms, primary bedroom and children’s room. Wrap-around glazing unifies the spaces, epitomising indoor-outdoor living

    Nicole Hollis’ interior finishes and furniture selections coincide with Faulkner Architects’ use of warm wood tones and rich stone, reinforcing the home’s connection to the landscape. Standout features include the solid redwood armchairs surrounding the outdoor firepit, the custom-built dining table with built-in benches, and the custom oak cabinetry in the butler’s pantry.

    A custom-designed dining table with built-in benches separates the kitchen and living space.

    The front terrace, which features a built-in fire-pit, overlooks a ski run in the winter.

    A freestanding wood fireplace warms the living area and creates a cosy atmosphere within the concrete walls. The space features the Arflex Marechiaro sofa and Henry Wilson Surface sconce.

    In the central courtyard, an outdoor fire pit emulates the atmosphere of a lively campsite, hence the project’s name ‘CAMPout’.

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