Bunker in the Treetops by esoteriko 

  • Bunker in the Treetops by esoteriko

    Wielding a raw and expressive material palette, esoteriko bring us Bunker in the Treetops, set in Double Bay, Sydney.

    Through an artisanal and conversational approach, esoteriko prompt us to rethink how we perceive and interact with the materials that make up a home. Embracing a mid-century meets Art Deco aesthetic, Bunker in the Treetops showcases a unique selection of hand-crafted materials, from brass to concrete, to wood. Like turning the page of a book, each of these materials marks a new addition to the home’s ever-evolving story. 

    Sydney-based firm esoteriko have made a name for themselves in the Australian design scene for forging versatile and tactful interiors that respond, first and foremost, to the client. Bunker in the Treetops is no exception; esoteriko have worked closely with the clients to create a space that feels like it belongs to them. Each element – each page of the story – has been carefully chosen to strengthen this sensation.

    Industrial in form – with a concrete exterior and steel-framed windows – it’s easy to see where the home gets its name from. Inside, however, there is a feeling of being transported into a space of ease and comfort; of softness instead of harshness. The view of the treetops below accompanies this, an anchor to the natural world. This natural vista was used to inform the textures and colours of the interiors, paying homage to the site and its surroundings.

    Bunker in the Treetops by esoteriko

    The materials were chosen for their tactility and longevity. “Robust but changing,” esoteriko founder Anna Trefely describes them as – “effectively creating their own narrative as they interact over time”. The clad raw brass kitchen island; the coffee table shaped from a 50-year-old tree; the concrete bunker itself – robust, but changing. 

    Do not judge Bunker in the Treetops by its cover; as you turn each page, a customised story of texture, colour and shape slowly unfolds. The ending? Only time will tell. 

    Bunker in the Treetops by esoteriko
    Bunker in the Treetops by esoteriko

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