Built for Six: Tour a Modern Family Kitchen

  • Streamlined, innovative, fully equipped and spacious enough to fit a busy food-loving family of six, the bespoke kitchen within this renovated Melbourne home proves you can have it all.

    We step inside a liveable kitchen fit for a modern-day family of six in Melbourne’s East St Kilda neighbourhood. Working together with Rogerseller’s kitchen design consultant Michelle Sterling, the homeowners have cultivated a unique balance between innovation, form and function in a home where heritage detail meets a contemporary renovation.

    Take a tour with us as we go deep to explore the key design elements which make this space such a winning combination.

    We’ve heard it all before, but it certainly doesn’t make it any less true- the kitchen really is the heart and hub of the home. Case in point is this unexpectedly contemporary, handcrafted, Italian kitchen by Valcucine. The real engine room to this recently renovated home, it now offers this family a special space for everyone to come together.

    Given that the homeowners and their children love to make their own food, it was important from the very beginning to choose a kitchen that honoured this daily activity and allowed everyone to get involved. Other important decisions informing the design came from the family’s need to factor in a table that was spacious enough for everyone to sit around for a meal together, a separate area for the kids to make toast and cereal in the mornings, a spot for Dad Ben to bake his bread and (being a big family) plenty of storage was a non-negotiable.

    Brief in hand and her work well and truly cut out for her, in came Michelle Sterling. An expert Rogerseller kitchen design consultant, Michelle worked closely with the family to create a streamlined and immaculately thought-out space, perfectly tailored to their lifestyle. Michelle explains “Overall the family wanted a contemporary, edgy design along with the ability for all family members to use the kitchen at once.”

    But when there’s a whole range of high-end European kitchens to choose from we wanted to know: what sets Valcucine apart from the rest? “Rogerseller’s Valcucine range definitely stood out as unique against other high-end kitchen products. In particular, the handcrafted design of the Genius Loci drawers, Air Logica motion sensors and etched matt slate glass textured finishes were like nothing else we’d seen. Smart design, coupled with uber sleek aesthetics. It wasn’t a difficult decision. As a vegan, wholefoods eating family of six, much of our lives are spent in the kitchen; preparing meals, cooking, and dining” explained the homeowners.

    When designing the space Michelle points out that “The pocket door pantry provided a space for the kids toasting-making and a pull-out shelf for Ben’s bread baking. As well as a timber extension off the island, that serves as a table, we then integrated a Genius Loci draw system that tidies away the table setting items. Lastly, we inserted Tower Units with receding doors to provide hidden storage options”. Ticking all the boxes, both aesthetically and functionally Rogerseller’s Valcucine kitchen can do it all.

    It seems that exploring creativity with design is what brings a kitchen to life and we think Ben agrees; “not only do we have an exquisitely beautiful kitchen as the thriving hub of our busy home, but one that is exceptionally functional and constructed with smart design and durability in mind.”

    A defining example of how best to fuse flawless style and a minimalist aesthetic appeal not-to-mention full of functionality. At est, it’s not often that we can say such a well-used and well-loved family kitchen can also be such an elegant one.

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