Bronte House by Kate Bell Design

  • The latest work from Kate Bell Design brings a private rainforest to a tree lined street in Bronte, Sydney. You’d never know by simply looking at the front of this home that a such an escape is hiding in the back.

    DESIGN Kate Bell Design | PHOTOGRAPHY Jason Busch

    Located ten minutes away from the beach, the natural reflex would be to draw inspiration upon what’s closest by, however Kate decided to take an alternate route towards something slightly different. “ Rather than a beach house, we created more of resort style, tropical oasis with a canopy of lush greenery”. Combining coastal and local plants, the greenery can be admired from both the first and second floor.

    Bringing the outside in was a central concept to the development of the project, underpinning the interior plans. The new home captures the surrounding vistas through a revitalised development as explained by Kate, “ By relocating the kitchen to the opposite side of the house, we bridged kitchen, pool and barbecue areas together to encourage the family to appreciate the generosity of space”. What came after was a much bigger, brighter and open planned lifestyle that brings value to the growing family.

    Salvaging the Sydney blue gum floorboards were important to the owners, inspiring Kate and her team to work with more of nature’s offerings. Colour tumbled limestone pavers, walnut veneer, Carrara marble and New Guinea rosewood solid doors and windows melodize with palettes of grey, white and turquoise to create an even and calming overall impression.

    Described as ‘like living in a resort’ the escape of coming home is summed up brilliantly by a child of the family. There’s no reason to ever go on holiday when a million miles away is just steps from your backyard.


    Create a modern Australian family sanctuary with soft and polished pieces.

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