Brighton East Home by Robson Rak

  • Robson Rak are masters at blending cold cut modernism with a restful coziness, proving these diametric opposites co-exist and feed into each other’s idiosyncrasies. Their modernist approach comes through beautifully in this Brighton East Home, where the lines, forms and shapes hold the coolness in check, while the restful, calming choice of furniture, colouring and décor balances the need for warmth and personality essential to residential settings.

    DESIGN Robson Rak | STYLING Mia McGrath | PHOTOGRAPHY Shannon McGrath

    This Brighton East home neatly encapsulates all the stylistic features of a Robson Rak project. Clever colour and soft furnishings all encased under muted tones of wood, concrete and glass. Building with a simple interior in mind gives way to creativity, both through literal and figurative spaces for interior exploration. Play elevates the space to new heights.

    Taking advantage of this, the interior design and styling places bold art, structural objects and furniture with a slight eclectic bent that inject extra life to this Brighton East home. Colour looks vibrant and eschews any sense of overwhelm through the intentionality and foresight necessary to achieve these means. Favourite pieces here at est are the Bend Sofa by B&B Italia at Space Furniture and the Orbit Sconce at Luke Furniture; both thoughtful choices injecting a contemporary edge to the overall look of the house.

    Marble benchtops in the kitchen and bathroom give intervals of luxury amongst the experimental flavour that sets the tone of the home. Exterior Wood panelling creates visual uniformity, holding itself to its modernist foundations without a hint to its contrasting style inside. We sure do love a good surprise, and Robson Rak have delivered aesthetic surprise without losing consistency and elegance.

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